Lurquin & Coudert

Founded in 1899, the firm built industrial engines and later supplied motorcycle engines to other firms including Olympia, Saving, C. Coudert and Gloria.

Based in Paris, from 1901 until 1914 1 Lurquin-Coudert produced "voiturette-tricars"; a twin-cylinder model ran in the touring class at the 1907 Chateau-Thierry hillclimb, and cyclecars with V-twin Train engines went into production beginning in 1910.

The company's 1904 catalogue listed several motorcycles; a 2 3/4 hp Touring model, a road-racing model (4hp and 80km/h) and a circuit-racing model (5 hp and 95 km/h).

In 1906, ownership of the company passed to Ch. Lacour of 19 rue Planchat, Paris

Lurquin and Coudert in Britain

L and C were the initials of Lurquin and Coudert, the new name of the Leonard firm of Long Acre, London, who produced motorcycles in 1904.

1. In the Chapleur collection there is a Lurquin-Coudert motorcycle, a photograph of which dates it as a 1904 model. Most histories give 1906 or 1907 as the date of commencement, however the excellent zhumoriste site goes to some lengths to explain why the date is most likely 1902 and possibly 1901.

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