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Mon, 28 Aug 2017
diaconreconstruct at outlook.com.au
Maserati 125/ t2

Hi I have purchased Maserati 125 / t2 restoration project but don't know where to buy parts to carry out the project can you please help kind regards frank
Sydney Australia

      Recommend contacting CIMMA on Facebook and Road & Race in Gosford.

Tue Mar 08 2016
jbertelli at me.com
Maserati Prototype scooter
Maserati scooter 150 M2
Hi I own the only Maserati 150cc prototype (1950s) ever produced. I would be interested in selling it. May I advertitse it on your site? Thank you so much


thank you so much for reply...

I live in Laredo, Texas.
Maserati: M2
Mileage: 827
Engine size: 150cc
Condition: Excellent

The only Maserati scooter in existence, a prototype marked M2. I have had the scooter for approximately twenty years. Not much is known about the scooter, only that it was completely handmade sometime in mid-late 1950s, when Maserati tried to break into the scooter market in Latin America, to compete with Vespa, Lambretta etc. The presentation took place in Mexico City. They had already started producing motorcycles Maserati + Italmoto.

I have a web site dedicated to the scooter with several photos and info: www.maserati-scooter-prototype.com

I will be moving back to Italy, where I am from and where my daughter is now living with her husband, reason why I am planing to sell my Maserati at a fair price. I have taken a look at the Maserati motorcycle prices and was planing to list mine for $25.000 or Best Offer. The Maserati badge includes the name Alferez, supposedly in Spanish for Alfieri Maserati (The founder of Maserati).

Sending along some photos, but more can be found on the above website.

Thank you so much once again.

Be well,


Maserati Scooters

Mon Dec 29 2014
acw1280 at hotmail.co.uk
Maserati 50 / t2 / ss
Hello my name is Adrian from the UK. I have just embarked on a project to restore 2 Maserati 50/t2/ss motorcycles. They are in bits was looking for sum help tracing the engine and chassis numbers. I would really appreciate any photos drawings advice and parts. Would love to bring them back to life.
Kind regards
Adrian Wragg
United Kingdom

Fri Jun 06 2014
mortgagelink247 at gmail.com
Maserati 1950-1960
Interested in Selling this bike. Original Engine starts up
Chicago, Illinois

Sun Sep 06 2009
fredxxx at cox.net
Maserati Motorcycle SOLD
Maserati L160/T4
I can no longer ride my 1957 Maserati L160/T4 due to age and health issues. Thus it is available for sale. This bike is origiginal, unrestored, and is in operating condition. The price of $15,000 includes a small literature collection that includes an original owner's manual. The vehicle number is #E5571.

Sat Nov 15 2008
info at uryu-smiledot com

Hello,nice to meet you.
My name is Norifumi Uryu from JAPAN.
I'm interested in this MASERATI125.
Would you mind send me another pictures and tell me detail information and price please.
Best regards.

Wed Apr 11 2007
suanluangresort at yahoodot com
Maserati 125/GT/Super
Maserati Tipo 125/GT/Super
We live in Thailand. We have a Maserati Tipo 125/GT/Super (100% condition/original. We want to sell to someone who is Maserati lover. We hesitate between sell to someone who love Maserati or sell to any classic motorcycle museum. If you are interested in this model or if you have some advice for me please contact Mrs.Kang at suanluangresort at yahoodot com
Thank you in advance

Sat Aug 19 2006
mariano-laccona at yahoo.com.ar
maserati 1957

quisiera vender un prototipo de maserati del año 1957 en este momento no tengo una foto para enseñarles paro si se contactan conmigo les podria enseñar alguna desde y muchas gracias.
mariano laccona

Translation: it wanted to sell a prototype of maserati of year 1957 at this moment I do not have a photo in order to teach unemployment thank you very much to them if they contact with me podria to teach some to them from and.

Thu Aug 03 2006
mitchcahn at aoldot com
Maserati Motorcycles
Maserati 125T2
I own a 1953 Maserati 125 T2. It is in need of a total restoration, which I expect to do in the next few years. It is great fun and attracts a lot of attention.
New York

Tue Apr 04 2006
shepppy39 at yahoo.co.uk
Maserati bikes
50 cc XSS & XSSS
I have two of these & wondered if there are any other owners in the UK ?
Salisbury, Wilts

Fri Jan 13 2006
cadenet at aoldot com
maserati motorcycles
do you know of any 160 or 250 maserati motorcycles for sale currently?

Many thanks

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