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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1952-1953
Via Ferrarese 171, Bologna

The major shareholder of the Bolognese company was Dr Giuseppe Migliori, a pilot with the Regia Aeronautica and administrator of a large real estate portfolio. Also involved were Dante Tomba, a former workshop manager of the Cavani company and Marco Cappelli who had been involved in the sport since the 1930s.

They built 125cc two-strokes and a 160cc four-stroke engine designed by Bergonzoni using a four-speed CIMA gearbox and Marzocchi telescopic suspension. It was fitted with Angelo Martelli electrics, Baldi frame parts, Amadori brakes, Paioli mudguards and components from Zarri and O.M.A.

It appears that due to the lack of a delaler network sales did not eventuate, and as a result the company was purchased by Maserati in 1953. Ida Orsi had established an extensive sales network for her electrical products, and the new Maserati motorcycles were soon appearing in Europe, North America and South Africa.

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