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A Brief History of the Marque

Mercury Industries Ltd was a bicycle company founded in Birmingham UK in 1947. They began motorcycle production in Dudley 1956 with two 50cc models, Hermes and Mercette scooters, and the following year produced the Grey Streak motorcycle with a two-speed Villiers 98cc engine which sold for £85.10s.

Also in 1957 they replaced the Hermes with the Dolphin which had a fan-cooled 98cc 2-speed Villiers, and they released the 60cc Whippet scooter. 

In 1958 they released the Pippin scooter which was built at their new premises in Wolverhampton in small numbers before the company folded due to financial difficulties.

There are mentions of Italian companies including Mello, Moto Columbo and Vaschetto which used Mercury engines, but it unclear whether these were from the British factory. The water is further muddied by the fact that some of the Italian companies are listed as using Mercury before 1947. No mention of an Italian Mercury marque has been found.

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Mon Feb 20 2017
kfarrellinshed at hotmail.co.uk
I have acquired a Hermes motor type scooter with bathtub mudguards and am trying to identify it and collect any information about it that I can.

Thu Nov 16 2006
ronliz.wake at ntlworld dot com
Mercury Mercette

I have a mercury mercette and wondered if there was any info available. It has been partially restored and the reg. number is OWN 6

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