Mercury Industries

Mercury were motorcycles produced in Dudley, Worcestershire, from 1956 to 1958. The company, Mercury Industries was founded in Birmingham in 1947, and originally produced bicycles.
  • 1956 The first motorcycles made their debut, having been built by a bicycle firm. Two mopeds were listed, one of which was the Mercette which had a 48cc ohv engine built in-unit with a two-speed gearbox, fitted in a rigid frame with telescopic forks. The second was the Hermes scooter with a two-speed 49cc Ilo two-stroke engine.
  • 1957 Those two models were joined by others: the Dolphin scooter with a 99cc Villiers 4F engine; the Whippet 60, which was a larger version of the Mercette; and the Grey Streak, which was a motorcycle fitted with a 99cc Villiers 6F engine and a 2 speed gearbox.
  • 1958 Only the Grey Streak and the Mercette ran on that year. The Pippin scooter, with a 4F engine, also appeared, but production then ceased.
Image Gallery of Mercury Scooters Source: Graces Guide

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