Perfecta Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

1899. Engines of this brand powered Liberator motorcycles which were sometimes referred to as Perfecta-Liberator.

The firm was created by Alexandre Darracq to build cycle parts after he sold Gladiator, at considerable profit, to the English. In 1902 he began building quadricycles, tricycles and bicycles, and built motorcycles using their own 200cc engines. They also often used De Dion engines.

These machines were built in the Darracq factories at Suresnes, Seine, near Paris.

Later, the main office of Liberator & Perfecta Co. was located at 47, rue Cartier-Bresson, Paris.

In 1912, the parent company of both Liberator and Perfecta was the French company Métropole, same address.

There was also a Perfecta in Switzerland, 1946-1950

Sources: Bourdache (pp 88, 96, 97), OTTW

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