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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by the Société Industrielle d’Albert (Somme), 1902-1927

Rochet produced two-speed single cylinder AIV (automatic inlet valve) motorcycles from 1902 including an in-line vertical twin and a tri-car. Chain-drive models were introduced as early as 1906, and the unit-construction (bloc-moteur) twin is believed to be the first example of such an engine. These twins were originally of 538cc, inceasing in 1909 to 636cc (6hp).

Three types of machines were made between 1906 and 1910: a 1½ h.p. Legère, a 2¾ h.p. model with water cooling and a 5½ h.p. inline vertical twin. The 1910 catalogue lists Motocyclette Types MG, MI, MH.

The lightweight model has some interesting features, such as sprung front forks and enclosed oil bath rear chain, chain drive being rather uncommon in 1906. The crankcase has a special extension that houses the pedal freewheel. Bore and stroke are 64×68 mm, weight is 40 kilograms and cruising speed is about 40 km/hour. Ignition by Bosch magneto.

The Rochet-Bruneau Type MG had a tandem twin engine rated at 5½ h.p., a long cylindrical fuel tank mounted between the two upper frame rails, and chain drive.

Several of the Rochet-Bruneau designs were produced under licence by other firms - Austral, Georges Richard, SIA, Excelsior, Paul Bruneau, Roland and Régina.

After WWI the firm was based in Paris and machines were produced until at least 1927.

Rochet engines were supplied to Roland.

Automobiles Rochet, of 74, Rue de Folie Régnault, Paris, show motor bicycles and tricycles made after the Chapelle patents. The tricycle has some very novel features, including belt drive on to the rear wheel, with two-speed gear. The fore carriage is very comfortable, and fitted with a simple wind screen for the feet - this is a feature that could be adopted with advantage by British makers. The single-speed motor-bicycle has a vertical 2¼ h.p. engine, held by a special bridge piece which joins the tube permanently, and to which the crank case of motor is bolted. The carburetter is fixed fight over the inlet valve, and is very neat in design. Speed regulation is effected by throttle and spark advance. A neat silencer of effective dimensions is used, and Bowden back and front rim brakes are applied to the wheels. Coil and accumulator are fixed in compartment of the frame tank. An extra good finish distinguishes the machines. The single-speed machine is priced at £35; the two-speed at £42, and the two-seated at £62.

Paris Salon 1902 in Motor Cycling, December 17th, 1902.

Models include:

1904 Type M A 300.9 cc single cyl. 71 x 76 mm, AIV 2 h.p.
1904 Type M B 260 cc single cyl. 66 x 76 mm, AIV 2 h.p.
1906-1910 Type M 1 218.8 cc single cyl. 64 x 68 mm, AIV 1½ h.p.
1910 Type M H 326.8 cc single cyl. 74 x 76 mm, AIV 2¾ h.p.
1906-1908 Type M G 540 cc twin cyl. 70 x 70 mm, AIV, vertical twin
1909-1910 Type M G 653 cc AIV, vertical twin 74 x 76 mm 5½ h.p.
1927 Motocyclette 175 cc two-stroke 3-speed single


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Sun, 08 Oct 2017
carlospapa67 at
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Carlos Papa
Buenos Aires Argentina

Mon Apr 25 2016
j.pirtle24 at
Rochet Motorcycles
Rochet Belt driven
I was recently in the small town of Oatman, Arizona. There is a man that has an original Rochet Belt driven motorcycle on display in their window. They told me it was extremely rare. I could not find any info on this bike.
Oatman, Arizona, USA

Tue Aug 07 2007
rochet badge
1904 ?
Hi there I like the bike badge you have on the site it looks very much like the one I recently bougt in France on ebay
OZ melbourne

Rochet marks. Manufactured in paris france. It is of the year 1904 530C.C. Listed Ebay UK Feb 2007

Tue Feb 20 2007
tdoyle at
I have the engine and part of the frame for this bike and wondered if there are any photos available

Mon Jun 06 2005
rmedhurs at
Rochet motorcycle
I have found reference to a Rochet motorcycle being raced in Australia prior to WW1. I am interested in any information on these bikes as I have a Rochet Schneider car. Is there a connection? Is it the same Rochet? Any information appreciated and if you would like details on the article regarding the Rochet motorcycle please let me know.

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