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Established in 1908 at in Rue Parmentier, Saint-Étienne, Société Anonyme des Constructions Mecaniques de la Loire built motorcycles using single-port and twin-port two-stroke engines c1952-1959.

The company was apparently absorbed by Automoto around 1958 (or possibly some years ealier), and Socol models were produced for a short period thereafter.

Models include the Type SCL with 125cc/175cc Aubier & Dunne engines built from 1954-1958.
Sources: OTTW, antiquites-brocante.fr

Mon 26 Oct 2009 02:15:59pm
subject: Rare Bike
Email: glyn.jones at kier.co.uk
message: I have a motorcycle 125cc
made in 1955 by SOCOL has any one any information on this maufacture, i believe it to be a french company

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