French Motorcycles

Stainless Motorcycle Engines

A Brief History of the Marque

The Stainless company was initially located in Lyon before moving to Villefranche-sur-SaƓne.

Closely associated with Rhony'x, from 1932 to the early fifties they produced 50cc and 125cc two-stroke engines for Rhony'x, Carpio, Dresch, Feminia, Le Grimpeur, Juncker, Lafour & Nougier, Sphinx, Verlor and other marques.

Stainless Engines
Models include:

  • BMA (v.1 single speed)
  • BMA (v.2 single speed)
  • BMA (v.2 2 speed)
  • 175cc twin-port
  • 250cc twin-port
  • 250cc OHV
  • 350cc
  • 500cc
  • 125cc
  • Sources: Tragatsch, Wikiwand NL, Cycle Memory

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