French Motorcycles

Syphax Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by Société des Cycles et Motos Syphax, 1952-1953
6 rue de Coulmiers
Nantes (Lower Loire)

Models include a 175cc four-stroke machine (possibly powered by AMC) with telescopic forks and swingarm rear suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers. Others were powered by 98cm3 Sachs engines and horizontal Ydral two-strokes.

The attractive Monza had a horizontal 98cc AMC 3-speed twostroke engine, dual seat, sculpted 12 litre tank and plunger rear suspension.

Types 54 3v and 55 3v had AMC 3 speed 175cc engines, and 54 4v and 55 4v had 125cc AMC 4 speed engines. Types 55 had plunger rear suspension, types 54 were rigid. The 55 4v had a dual seat, with the other three having solo saddles.

There was also a tandem powered bicycle with two sets of pedals and handlebars.

It it believed that Gitane resumed manufacture of some Syphax models.

Sources: JLB Creations et al

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