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Wonder Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured: Ravat 1923-1954, Mercier 1954-

The Wonder cycle marque was established by Jules Ravat in in March 1910, along with the brand name Sweet.

Wonder was acquired by Mercier in 1954 when it bought the parent company Ravat. The group which bought Ravat consisted of Talbot, Automoto, Hurtu, René Gillet and Mercier.

Mercier's Wonder motorcycle was all but identical to a number of other brands marketed at the time by Mercier including Antonin Magne, Lapébie, Louison Bobet and André Leducq, all powered by Ydral 125cc engines.

Models include:
1923-1924 Wonder, Massardier 125cc engine
1933-1939 Type A35 98cc
c1953 Wonder Type B48 (Ravat A48)
1954 Type 154 125cc 3 speed engine
1955 Types 136 & 136GS
Type 254 175cc
1955 R36 - R36SL

Ravat-Wonder Equivalents

Bimoto Ravat | Wonder N1

Ravat A35 | Wonder B35

Ravat A37 | Wonder B37

Ravat A37 Hl | Wonder B 37hl

Ravat A47 | Wonder B47

Ravat A48 | Wonder B 48

Ravat 53 | Wonder 53

Ravat 54 | Wonder 54

Ravat 154 | Wonder 154

Ravat 254 | Wonder 254

Ravat 146 | Wonder 146

246 Ravat | Wonder 246

Ravat A | Wonder B model 100 Villiers engine

Ravat 26 | Wonder 26

Ravat 126 | Wonder 126

Ravat 136 | Wonder 136

Ravat 36 | Wonder 36

Ravat Vry | Wonder Wry

Sources: Club Ydral, Didier Mahistre

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