Ravat Motorcycles

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Ravat Motorcycles

Manufactured in France from 1923 to 1958
Ravat Factories: Monthieux and St-Etienne (Loire)
Sales: 65 Rue Amelot, Paris [1]

Founded by Jules Ravat and Augustus Argaud in 1898, by 1903 the company had a factory in Monthieux with a workforce of 20, which dropped to 10 in 1908. Their fortunes improved, and in 1913 they had 300 workers at the factory. Manufacture of motorcycles began in 1922 or '23, initially with a 125cc pedal-assisted machine.

By 1925 the factory was producing around 80,000 bicycles and motorcycles annually and had well over 1000 employees. They also had a factory in Vilvoorde, Brussels, which produced spare parts for the Belgian market, and they had offices in Algiers, Cairo, Barcelona, Geneva, Saigon, Casablanca, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Santiago (Chile) and Guatemala.

Jules Ravat died in 1930, a recipient of the Chevalier de la légion d’honneur (1923).

Ravat Models

1923 125cc Type U Ecclésiastique

1923 - Ravat 125 Bimoto and Bimoto Bis - (Ravat and Wonder). Engine: Massardier - 1 or 2 speed

1924 125cc Type ER 1 (E.R. = Etablissements Ravat)

1924 - Ravat 175cc

1925 Ravat Models

1925 Type BS4 175cc Two-stroke

1925 175 BT6. Engine: Ravat two-stroke 2CV

1926 Ravat Models

1926 175 B1 Pea two-stroke, 2 speed. (also sold rebadged as "AS" by A. Sutter of Chatellerault, a Triumph dealer.)

1926 175cc Type BS4 two-stroke, 2 speed

1926 175 BT6. Engine: Ravat - 2hp - two-stroke

1926 175cc Type BS6 OHV Zurcher, 3 speed.

1926 175cc Type CS6 Zurcher 2hp four-stroke, 3 speed

1926 350cc Type FSS6, OHV Zurcher Type M, 3 speed

1927 Ravat Models

1927 250cc Type ER13, OHV Zurcher L, 3 speed

1927-1928 350ccc Type FT8, Blackburne SV

1927 250cc Type ER13

1927 Ravat 175 B8

1928 Ravat Models

1928 - 100cc BMA

1928 500cc Type H.8 Blackburne

1929 Ravat Models

1929 175cc Types ER1, ER2 two-stroke

1929 175cc Type ER3 Fourstroke

1929 350cc Type ER 22 Zurcher

1929-1931 350cc Type ER21 Ravat four-stroke engine, 3 speed

1929-1931 350cc Type ER22 Zurcher, 3 speed

1929-1932 500cc Type ER31

1930 Ravat Models

1930 350cc Type ER20 Blackburne 3 speed

1930 250cc ER10 Blackburne

1930-1931 250cc SV Type ER10

1930-1931 350cc SV Type ER20

1930-1931 350cc OHV Type ER23

1931 500cc OHV Type ER32C Koehler-Escoffier 4T

1931 500cc OHV Type ER33 Zurcher

1932 100 cc - Type R4 - 2-speed

1932 175 cc Type ER101 -

1932 - 350cc -Type 2R22

1932 250 ccc - JAP

1933 175 cc Type ER101

1933 175 cc Type ER103

1933 500cc Type ER132

1933-1939 100cc Type A35 BMA

1934 250cc Type NSS6

1946 125cc - A48

1948 125cc Types A48G/A48T (Wonder B48)

1950 Ravat Models

1950 Ravat 50cc Competition Client

1952 Scooter Ravat (Simonetta)

1952 Ravat - Wonder GL A48

1953 Type 53 - 125 cm 3 - Ravat R6 3 speed engine.

1954 Ravat 125 Types 54 & 54GL Ravat R6 3 speed engine.

1954 Type 154 125cc, Ravat R6 3 speed engine. (Wonder type 154)

1954-1956 Type 254GL 175cc, Ravat R8 3 speed

1954-1956 Type 154GS 175cc, R10 4 speed

1955 Ravat 125 type 136, 136GS Ravat R6 3 speed engine. (Wonder 136 & 136GS)

1955 Ravat R36 & R36SL 125cc (Wonder R36 - R36SL)

1956 Type R36S 125cc

1956 Ravat R26 & R26 GL 100cc Villiers

1957 Ravat 100cc Villiers

1958 Ravat R36U 125cc, Paloma engine (rebadged René Gillet 125)

1958 Ravat VRY 125cc Ydral engine

1955 125cc R6 Twostroke Type 154

Ravat used engines from Zurcher, Massardier, Péa, Blackburne and probably JAP. After WWII Villiers, Paloma and Ydral. Blackburne models included the 350cc FT8 and 500cc HA.

Ravat Engines include:

    B.M.A. R.4.
    Ravat R.5
    Ravat R.6
    Ravat R.7
    Ravat R.8
    Ravat R.9
    Ravat R.10

Ravat scooters were built under licence in Italy by San Cristoforo and marketed as Simonetta. (2)

1. There was still a motorcycle shop at 65 Rue Amelot, Paris in 2017: Moto Bastille.
2. Another source says that Ravat presented a prototype scooter in 1952 which was a Simonetta with a Ravat 125cc engine.
3. Ravat's mother's maiden name was Marie Massadier, so it is possible there was a family connection with the Massadier firm.

Sources: JLB Creations, Cycle Memory, ravat.wonder.clicforum.fr, OTTW.

martin88lw at gmail.com
Ravat Model ER20 year 1935?
Hi Sheldon, Thank you for the great work of your site! It is very informative, thank you. I have a question as I'm planning to by a Ravat ER20 motorcycle. The seller is claiming the bike originates from 1935. But your information tells me the production of the ER20 is 1930-1931. Is there any way to tell which is correct? Because 1930 suits me better ;-) .Are there still frame number archives available? I hope to be hearing from you, thanks in advance! Best regards, Martin
Martin de Ruiter

gary0003 at virginmedia.com
Would it be possible for you to replace the teeth on a 16 tooth primary drive sprocket fo my vintage motorcycle please?
Gary Oates
    Sorry, this is an information site only. We don't do mechanical work. Ed.

gary0003 at virginmedia.com
1929 175cc
Where can i buy spares and parts please? It is a Ravat 175cc I think 1929/30 with a later tank.
Mr Gary Oates
Fareham 14-Mar-2019
setzj at wxs.nl
Ravat 90 cc 1928 or 1932 ??
Hello, I own a Ravat two stroke (90cc ?) from 1928 til 1932 (as told me). on the type shield is: PE ER BMA ? Serial number 5380
It is in 100 % original condition with the original tires, original paint, everything. etc. During the war it was hidden in a farmers haystek and forgotten for several years. I own it since 05-05-1985. Can you tell me what this models specifications are ? I can send pictures.
Jan Setz

    Ravat-90cc-1928c-JSe images posted to Comments

classic-custom at outlook.com
Ravat Year Not know
I am looking for a Magneto Type 18 R Can you help ??
Noel Savage, United Kingdom

 Wed, 13 Dec 2017
marcus1952 at seznam.cz
Identifikace motocykly

Nevíte někdo o jaký rok výroby a typ motocyklu se jedná? Dá se někde sehnat manuál a nebo katalog? Děkuji za jaké koliv informace.
Středočeský kraj Czech Republic

    Does anyone know about the production year and type of motorcycle? Is it possible to get a manual or catalog? I know for whatever kind of information.
    Ravat-1927c-Zurcher-CzR message also posted to Comments

Mon, 06 Nov 2017
marcse at gmail.com
Ravat A48 125cc

Hi, can you confirm me which model it is? As per i've seen in internet, it might be Ravat A48 of 1931. Also i am looking for a manual, but i can't find any. Hope you can help me on that. I'd like to rebuild this awesome bike. Best regards, Marc Setó
Marc Seto
Tarragona Spain

    Ravat-1931c-MSe.jpg posted to Comments.

Tue, 01 Aug 2017
adrian at questcom.co.za
Ravat 1931 or 1933 ER - BMA No.

Hi there, First off this is a great site. I have bought a Ravat ER - BMA cyclette and I am trying to find an engine to fit the bike. I have found a R6 unit and would like to know if this would fit on the model I have. I am also looking for spares and would like to find a supplier or seller if there are any. Adrian
Adrian Jacobson

Sun Jan 10 2016
khy4444 at yahoo.co.uk
Ravat A47
please any info on this particular model. Thank you. Kind regards K.
Bolton - UK

Thu Jun 19 2014
kev at freebarrabas.com
I have been offered this Ravat for £1200 is it worth it?

Sat Jan 07 2012
I need any information and dates about this bike

Mon Jul 20 2009
laurentmartinaud A T orange.fr
Ravat Tous
nouveau forum Ravat
ST Etienne

Mon Nov 03 2008
laurentmartinaud A T orange.fr
Ravat touts modèles
bonjour je recense les motos Ravat depuis 1992
je peu vous aidé avec de la documentation
si vous envoyez votre type,n°de cadre et moteur,année

Fri Oct 31 2008
laurentmartinaud A T orange.fr
Ravat touts modèles
je recense toutes les motos Ravat
envoyer type,n°de cadre et moteur, année

Tue Nov 06 2007
christophechretien A T caramaildot com
document d'origine, document technique
ravat 53s de 1955
je cherche de la documentation tech hors j'ai vu que vous possdiez un certificat de garantie ravat. Est-il vendre? Une copie peut-elle m'?tre envoy?
Cordialement, Christophe un ami frrancais pation de moto ancienne.
aubrives 08 france

  • Original document, technical document ravat 53s's picture from 1955
    i am looking for tech documentation off i saw you possdiez a guarantee certificate ravat. Is it selling? Can a copy to be sent?
    Sincerely, Christophe, a French friend, old motorcycle pation.

Mon Oct 23 2006
wcars at mweb.co.za
general info
ravat type er101, no. 1341
Hi There!

Can anyone supply me with any general information on this model.
South Africa

February 8, 2002
Hola tengo una RAVAT DEL AO 1927 de 250 c.c. de dos tiempos Tipe E R 2 No 263 Coire Steinne deseo que me informen sobre el desmontaje del motor, fotos, datos y fichas tecnicas. Mi correo es Kompressor at navegalia dot com O ayuda sobre informacion sobre la RAVAT en internet. Para facilitarme la matricula historica. Muchas gracias, espero vuestra respuesta.

Sheldon's typically lame translation:
Hello, I have a 1927 Ravat 250cc type ER2, (not sure of this part) and I am looking for information on the disassembly of the motor, photos and other technical information. You may e-mail me at: kompressor at navegaliadot com Or please point me towards information on the Internet or historic registries.  Thank you very much, I wait for your answer.

January 17, 2002
Hello folks,
Whe are looking for a motor brand calls Ravat.
Please tell us something about this motor cycle, or a WWW-adress
Thanks for your help
Jan Wiersma Holland
wiersma14 at zonnet.nl

October 9, 1999
Hello, my name is Carlos
I've got a friend who enjoys restoring motorcycles and he is now working in a RAVAT (BMA) of the year 1928, 100 cubic centimeters. After visiting your web page I saw a reference to the name Ravat but no info available.
I would be very grateful if you could send me any information about that motorcycle (plans, characteristics, photographs etc) so that my friend can restore the motorcycle as close to the original as possible.
I thank your attention in advance and wait for your answer.

P.S: I would also need information about other Internet resources (Web pages, mailinglist, news.....) that can help me to get the information.
yours -- Carlos -- guacamole at mundivia.es

I have a motorcycle RAVAT with 250 c.c. Ernest Zurcher, there are of the year 1925 or 1928.
I need information and pictures for the resoration, original colors, and more.
If you now who give me the information or you now a publication of the RAVAT, please let me know.
opel-bertran at nexo.es

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