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Russian motorcycle "Sova-175". They are produced in Kovrov, Russia at the Degtyarev plant. The Z55 model is believed to be a copy of a German DKW.
Anonymous contributor

Wed Nov 30 2011
ZID K-55 battery carrier mounting
ZID K-55
I saw a picture of a ZID K-55 on the gallery. I am in the process of restoring the same bike.

It came to me without the bracket that holds the battery and electic box. I have managed to find an electric box which I think is the same, it came from an IZ49 and at least from the outside looks identical. 
My problem is I can not see how the battery bracket should be fitted, there does not seem to be any mounting brackets on the frame or engine.
Would you do me a big favour and send some photos of the bracket fitted to the bike in the picture?
Or perhaps you could pass on my request to the bikes owner?
Any help would be very welcome.
Dave Naylor (Poland)

Thu Jul 24 2014
Thetangels at juno.com
Zid K55
What is a restored zid k55 1956 worth?

Mon Nov 03 2008
I am in the process of restoring a 1956 ZID K55. These were made in Russia. They are a copy of the German DKW. I am looking to find where I may be able to find parts to rebuild the top end of the engine. Any ideas?
Ohio, USA

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