Phillips were motorcycles produced from 1954 to 1964 in Smethwick, Birmingham.

  • 1954 Having previously been in the cycle business, the company entered the powered market late that year with a complete machine derived from a bicycle. It had a 49cc two-stroke engine mounted above the bottom bracket, chain-driven rear wheel, the petroil tank on the top tube and braced forks. It was listed for the following three years.
  • 1956 The Gadabout moped appeared, with a 49cc Rex engine, two speeds, spine frame and telescopic forks.
  • 1959 Added to the range was a Panda, a three-speed Gadabout and another with a 50cc Villiers engine.
  • 1960 A Panda Plus was added.
  • 1962 The range was cut back to the Gadabout with either a Rex or a Villiers engine, but later in the year two new models appeared. These were based on Raleigh mopeds and made under licence from Motobecane of France.
  • 1964 Having been built for two years, the owners, Raleigh, dropped the name.
Source: Graces Guide

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