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1958 Raleigh RM 1, Sturmey-Archer engine

1959 RM 1C hand-operated clutch

The RM 1 and RM 1C were both discontinued in December 1959

1960 Raleigh RM 2 -introduced early in the year, it was discontinued in the last quarter of 1960

1960, RM 3 appeared late in the year, a rebadged Norman Nippy Mark 4 with a Sachs engine rather than a Villiers

1960 The short-lived RM3 was replaced by Mobylette models built under licence, the RM4 and RM5.

1961 RS1 Roma. This appeared shortly after the RM4/RM5 and was a 78cc scooter built under licence from Bianchi. First presented at Alexandra Palace in November of 1960, it was based on the Bianchi Orsetto. These scooters were also sold in the United States under the Riverside label, but they were made in Italy, not in Nottingham.

1962 RS2 Roma, with increased horsepower and some refinement.

1964 RS3 Roma cosmetic changes only. Production of the Roma ended in the the 3rd quarter of 1964.

In total some 23,000 Bianchi-based Roma scooters were built.

1961 Raleigh RM 4 & RM 5 production began early in the year. These were also sold under the Norman and Philips brands, with cosmetic changes, until late 1963.

1963 RM6 Mobylette automatic introduced.

1964 Raleigh RM 8 introduced in March, followed 3 months later by the RM9 Ultramatic.

1965 RM4 production ceased, replaced by Rm8 MK2.

1965 RM12 Super 50 introduced.

1966 RM 11

1967 RM7 Wisp appeared in April.. The RM11 and RM12 were no longer offered after July.

1969 All models other than the RM6 were dropped from the catalogue.

1971 Production ceased entirely. Over 190,000 Motobecane-based mopeds had been built by Raleigh.

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