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A Brief History of the Marque

Founded by Frank Bowden, Raleigh built motorcycles in from 1899 to 1906, and then from 1919 to 1933 in Nottingham, England. They supplied engines to Allegro, Dunelt, Coventry-Eagle, Mars, Nestoria, Cotton, Soyer, Wolf and Victoria, among others. Their post-war 698cc flat-twins of 1919 were true luxury bikes developed while Works manager William Comery held the reins, but these proved difficult to manufacture competitively and production ceased in 1923 or 1924, the model being replaced with a 798cc 60 degree V-twin engined machine which in turn ceased being built, after a short production life, in 1927. Raleigh also produced models with sv engines of 174 to 498cc, and ohv engines of 348cc and 498cc.

During the 1920's and early 30's their chief designer was D.R. O'Donovan (later associated with Carlton motorcycles), who was responsible for the successful Sturmey-Archer racing engines used in Raleigh and other marques.

Their 1921 flat twin had both chain drive and swinging arm rear suspension, and chain drive was adopted on most machines after 1924.

The 1926-27 Model 14 ran on 24" wheels whilst the Model 15 had 26". All other parts are interchangeable.

They also ventured into commercial vehicle production with a three wheel light delivery van in 1931. The LDV had a 598cc engine and was developed from the Ivy Karryall which had used many Raleigh components. The 1934 Raleigh Safety Seven three-wheeler has a 742cc V-Twin engine by Sturmey-Archer. This machine was built between 1933 and 1936. It had a three speed gearbox, four seats and sold for £110 5s. It was designed by T.L Williams, who later acquired the rights from Raleigh and started the Reliant Motor Company in Tamworth, Staffordshire. The crankcase and differential gear box were made from magnesium alloy.

8404 MILES IN 12 DAYS.

The longest officially observed trial until that time was that undertaken on behalf of the Raleigh Company in June, 1924, by Hugh Gibson and Miss Marjorie Cottle. The former, with a Raleigh sidecar outfit, under A.C.U. observation, completed a circuit of Great Britain by the coast route, and Miss Cottle, on a solo Raleigh, travelled a similar route in the reverse direction. The total distance wes 8404 miles, and was covered in 12 days. an average of just under 300 miles a day. That was no mean performance for any man and machine, while it was an exceptionally plucky feat for a girl.

Gibson's sidecar machine was a 796 c.c. twin, while Miss Cottle's was a 350 c.c. solo model. All kinds of weather and road conditions were encountered, and the trip stands out as a monument to the reliability of the machines and the pluck of their drivers.

Trove NLA

More on the History of Raleigh Motorcycles

wratten2 at aol.com
Raleigh runabout 1958 rm1
How many of the rm1 were made please
James wratten

The Moped Archive writes, "However, Raleigh continued with the RM1 and several thousand were produced."
Jmg501 at gmail.com
Raleigh 15 1929
I have just bought a rather sad looking Raleigh Model 15 , with side tanks. Can anyone tell where I can get information from, and spares etc, also how to operate the oil pump etc
United Kingdom
dvlyne at gmail.com GT
Raleigh rm1 1958-59
Hi ,I am trying to find a new ignition coil and a set of points for my Raleigh rm1 1958 .
Any advice would be gratefully received!
Daniel Tangney lyne
11/10 20
patricksmurphs at gmail.com
1961 Raleigh super
Hi I'm just wondering if you would have a back sprocket for a 1961 rm3 raeligh super
Patrick Murphy
Dunleer Co louth Ireland Sorry, we don't sell parts.
itsintheshed at yahoo.co.uk
Raleigh 21 ,1929
Hi, does any one know the actual colour Of the tank of my Raleigh 21
The tanks are cream and black ,but I’m struggling to find the proper cream colour code Any help please
Leicestershire uk
alexander.tyrling at gmail.com
My name is Alex, living in Sweden, and have just got my hands on an old Raleigh roma in bad conditions.
Could you help me out to where I could find the engine & frame-number? Can't find them.
And of course, looking for a lot of parts. So if someone have some, please let me know.
Alexander Tyrling

Perhaps try browsing pages on Bianchi Orsetto and Wards Riverside - it's likely that those scooters have the numbers in the same locations, although not necessarily so as the Roma was built in Nottingham.
Raleigh-1961c-Roma-Tyrling.jpg posted to Comments.

migma at hotmail.it
for a raleigh 500 ohv sport 1928 I try [need?]:
Front mudguard (spot model), tank (black without odometer housings), fuel tank caps (2) and oil tank cap, rear mudguard support, upper cover for Sturmey Archer aluminum valves. I also collect engine parts. Regards
jcplaul at yahoo.com
Raleigh 500cc 1927
Hi there, I have purchased a 1927 Raleigh with missing parts, I attached some pictures, if you could suggest who I can ask for raleigh spare parts I will apreciate it, regards, Juan Plaul
Juan Plaul
Miami USA

Images posted to Comments.
gdaytassydevil at yahoo.com.au
Raleigh v-twin 1924
Hello I have a bike that is an abandoned project and I want to know how to mount the timing gears correctly. Thanks for any help
Geoffrey Briggs
Tasmania Australia

This page has nothing specific on Raleigh but is being expanded. It may help. British Resources
theo at koeten.nl
Relaigh apr 1929
Dear Sir.
To find out the storry of a Relaigh I found on a photograph, I hope you will help me... I'm wondering if you can tel me what kind of Relaigh my father in law sit down on at aprr. 1930. I found out that de registration for this bike was written at august 1929. Next week we will visit the place where the picture was made, place is Marne in Germany. I hope you can help me. All type's I found were nearby, i.e. type 21, type 26 and MH30 but they all does have some differences, i.e the fender arround the front weel is closed, I can't find a dipstick on the picture, and de duo seat is either not found.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Theo Koeten
Thet Netherlands

paulofonseca at hotmail.com
Raleigh Model 15 1928
I'm Paulo, from Portugal and I want to get all the info I can get about a motorcycle that I bellive it's a raleigh Model 15 from 1928, Engine number: M1471, Frame number: L5504
Can you help me in any way?
Paulo Fonseca
vloch.david at seznam.cz
Raleigh 1930 MA30 500cc
Ahoj,potřebuji logo na nádrz nemáš něco.Diky
Hello, I need a logo on the tank you do not have anything
Ceska Republika

Sorry, we don't sell logos. Try this page: Badges & Decals at Bikelinks:
Flatheadjules at gmail.com
1925 440cc Sports Model.
Hi. I am looking at buying a 1925 Raleigh 440cc Sports Model. I have been given the engine number 22008 and frame number 32029, by the current owner. I have not yet viewed the bike and know very little about machines this early. Can anyone tell me if the numbers seem to be correct for that model year. Any other info, hints or tips would be gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation.
Kent, England

djhaywardmc at aol.com
1934 Raleigh Safety Seven
I have recently purchased a Raleigh Safety Seven and looking for contacts with similar interests. Any guidance with this project would be great help
David Hayward
Devon, UK

charles at zundapp.plus.com
Raleigh Roma 1960
where do I find frame number on Raleigh Roma.
Chas Leask
carlisle U.K.

gdaytassydevil at yahoo.com.au
Raleigh 1929
Hello, I notice you have a picture of a bike I now own. You describe it as a ?1924 v-twin. Since acquiring it and endeavouring to get it back on the road I can tell you that it isn't a 1924 Raleigh. It's a 1929 Raleigh with a possibly 1928 JAP side-valve 750cc. Some people tell me it's a factory special order or prototype and others tell me it's a homemade special modified in the late 1930's. Either way it's not too far from being put back on the road but it has been a very difficult project. It looks a lot better in the picture than in reality
Geoffrey Briggs
Burnie Tasmania

Is the image in this gallery? - /gallery/raleigh-1924/

e_Gm94 at hotmail.com
Raleigh 1932
Good evening,

I have a Raleigh 1932 350cc motorcycle and I have been continuously trying to find 2 spare parts that I need. I was wondering if you would be able to sell these two or know anybody who I can buy this from. The parts are the following:

- 4-speed hand (manual) gearbox
- Front tyre rim (19 inches, 32 radius)
- Rear tyre rim (19 inches, 40 radius)

Thank you very much for your help
Gran Canaria

Sat, 17 Mar 2018
ryan.harvey1 at me.com<
Raleigh M25 1929

Hi Guys I am contacting you from South Africa. I have in the process of restoring a 1929 Raleigh M25 motorcycle with a Sturmey Archer G.P.F.O 350cc Motor. I have received some information about this bike on your website and was wondering if anyone knew where or of someone that had spare parts. I am specifically looking for the following: 1. A twin port cylinder head 2. The rocker box cover 3. The valve gear 4. The timing side cover 5. The timing side aluminum casting Any information or help would be greatly appreciated. Regards
Ryan Harvey
Johannesburg South Africa

Sturmey-Archer-1929-350cc-GPFO-Engine-RHa.jpg posted to Comments
Tue, 06 Mar 2018
ericsinaus at yahoo.com.au
Raleigh 1930's 3 wheeler delivery van
I will be coming into possession of a 1930's 3 wheeler that is a rolling chassis. I have not seen it yet but will in 3 days time. I know it does not have a motor but not sure if it has a gearbox at this stage. Hopefully I will have a chassis number by then. Once I have the chassis number and Ill post some pictures, can someone tell me what would have been the correct motor and would anyone know of anyone with a spare motor or crankcase, cylinders, heads or other parts to get this project underway. thanks Eric Sydney Australia
Sydney Australia

Sun, 14 Jan 2018
Roger.prew at sky.con
Raleigh Model 12 V twin 800cc
Hi, Can anyone help? I need replacement Crankcases and preferably a Sturmey archer clutch and rear hub. Many thanks, Roger
Roger Prew
Bracknell United Kingdom<

Sun, 19 Nov 2017
charles at zundapp.plus.com< br>Raleigh Roma/ Bianchi Orsetto Roma 1960
I'm looking for a Speedo drive for Roma . Do any other makes use the same type?
Chas Leas k
Carlisle United Kingdom<

It will most likely have a Veglia or Smiths speedo drive. Either way it should have a part number on it from which it can be identified.
Sun, 10 Sep 2017
mikejones894 at hotmail.com<
Raleigh RM9

Is it possible to obtain an electronic copy of the RM 9 advertisement?
Mike Jones
Swansea United Kingdom<

Are you after a scanned copy of the manual depicted on the image in the following link. https://cybermotorcycle.com/gallery/raleigh-mopeds/Raleigh-Ultramtic-RM9.htm

Tue, 29 Aug 2017
martyblokhuis at gmail.com<
raleigh 15 deluxe 1928

Hello is there some one with an anser, myn bike is very smoking ask how much oil must there in crankcase and have the pump an releasvalve (ball) with spring and what is the site off the spring is normel when the machine stationair there is smook thanks, marty and the raleigh 15 deluxe
marty blokhuis
barneveld Netherlands

Thu, 24 Aug 2017
bobmcgrath21 at hotmail.com
Raleigh 1932

The RSRO Ral32 engine is a Sturmey Archer engine fitted to a Raleigh in 1932. Raleigh and Sturmey Archer were the same firm but Sturmey Archer/Raleigh engines were sold to other motorcycle manufacturers and used different letters on the engine to identify which firm they had sold the engine to. This one was used by Raleigh themselves.
Bob McGrath
Vic Australia

Later, Bob McGrath wrote:

I was responding to a request in the 'mystery' page. If I remember rightly the owner was in Lithuania. One of the Baltic states anyway. He posted a photo of a very sad side valve engine which he thought was a New Imperial or Royal Enfield but I knew it was a Raleigh. For once he was an enquirer who also posted the engine number as well which made life much easier.

Sturmey Archer and Raleigh were synonymous for donkeys years. I don't know which was the parent company, I've never really thought about it. They always used the Sturmey Archer name for transmissions both cycle and motorcycle plus when they sold Raleigh engines to other manufacturers, eg, Coventry Eagle and Dunelt. Possibly Graces Guide would clarify things. My sole interest in Sturmey Archer/Raleigh stems from searching for info on Sturmey Archer gearboxes. I accumulated info on Raleigh as well, bit hard not to as they are so intertwined.

Sun Jan 08 2017
colin.barber5 at bigpond.com<
oil pump
1927 Raleigh 500cc model21 s/v
Looking for proper Drawings or the internals of this mechanical pump
Central Coast NSW Australia

Sat Sep 17 2016

bervall at telefonica.net
consulta modelo 17
Hola, quisiera saber cuantas unidades se fabricaron de Raleigh modelo 17. Y cuantas unidades deben existir en la actualidad.
Yo dispongo de una.
Un saludo

Model 17 consultation
Hello, I would like to know how many units were manufactured in Raleigh Model 17. And how many units must exist today.

Tue Dec 22 2015
malith0407 at gmail.com
need help in identifying my motorcycle model
raleigh 2.48 hp
Dear sir,
I m a classic motorcycle lover, And I have few motor cycles. Recently a friend of mind gave me a Raleigh motorcycle registration document. He said his fathers bike was given for repair and that they never got it back.
There is no model in this. I would like to know what is the real model of this and production year and so on. All I have is the date of registration as 1930, hp as 2.48, chassis no 19529 and engine no as 132.
my friend said it looks like model MA30. But he is not sure of it.
Please be kind enough to help me identify what I have.

Malith Fonseka
Sri Lanka

Fri Oct 09 2015
garry.owen at gmail.com<
1965 Ultramatic
Raleigh UltraMatic
Wonder if you know anyone or any group in the USA that would be interested in a very good condition Ultramatic?

My son picked this up in a flea market. Does have a fuel leak but all original parts and markings. Well kept, excellent condition.

Engine plate shows serial number R121956. Where would I find the frame number?

Thank you
Alabama, USA

Fri Jul 24 2015
Dixieball at live.co.uk
Original registration book
Raleigh 15
I have the original documents for this model 15 .reg. RL9421 . I'm trying to get them to the owner . DVLA won't help . Can you help ?? Thanks Richard

Fri Jan 09 2015
petersprot at gmail.com<
Raleigh 25ss
I thought you might like to see my Raleigh 25SS 1929
I love it!
Peter Sprot
Suffolk UK

Sat Mar 22 2014
colin.barber5 at bigpond.com<
oil pump
Raleigh Model 21 1927
Where can I get a oil pump for 1927 500cc Model 21
NSW Australia

Wed Mar 19 2014
helderbritopereira at sapo.pt
parts for Raleigh
english 250cc 15 De Luxe
hello good day!

I apologize my bad english,

I have a Raleigh Model 15 De luxe 250cc the year 1928
need some parts, you can help me
Hélder Pereira

Thu Dec 26 2013
raleigh 15 de luxe
i am looking for gear raleigh model 15 de luxe 250cc

Fri Aug 02 2013
raleigh frame number
raleigh rm6
hi, i cant find the frame number on my rm 6,where should i strip the paint from please?

Fri Jul 05 2013
frame ident
raleigh wisp
Dear Sir/Madam<
Recently Purchased Raleigh Wisp OME 36E but without the Log book(v5). Contacted DVLA Swansea,who have a record of this,but to allow me to fill out the v55/5 log book application form I need the Frame Number.I cantsee this and having looked into this as this model Started its life as a bicycle, then converted to a moped its a possibility that it may not have one.
Many Thanks
Dave Jones

Thu May 17 2012
Raleigh Oil Pump Modification
Raleigh Model 14 and others
I rebuilt a Model 14 years ago and am now currently rebuilding another.
The oil pump is rubbish. Both my bikes have the same pump and were both it seized solid .
On my first, which I did many 1000's of miles on, I had no pump and relied on the following successful mod.

I removed the big headed screws that blank off the oilways and removed the springs and balls from within. Now refit both screws only and blow into the oil feed connection - you should get air out of the outlet quill/special bolt - if not you are going to have to dismantle it to find the blockage.
Now put ONE ball back in and a light spring, say from a biro, and fit its screw. The other screw is refitted without its innards.
Blow through the inlet again. If it comes out through the quill OK you then suck, if nothing it is good news! You have just made a one way valve for the oil.
If this didn't happen, swap the spring and ball into the other hole and repeat.
What you are doing is making a one way valve that lets crankcase DEcompression (as the piston goes up) suck oil in through the quill, the as the piston goes down it pressurises the crankcase and shuts the valve and oil supply off. It will not be a mechanically pumped supply but this method does work. As I said, I did a lot of miles with this arrangement with absolutely no problem.
When you are riding YOU will have to control the amount of oil going into the engine by how much you open the oil tap on the bottom of the tank. I found the half open was about right but if I see a hill coming up I would open the tap a bit to increase the flow.
The Oil Plunger in the tank is left in place and is unused.

I need a leather covered saddle for my Model 14. It's forward mounting is from the lug on the frame top tube, please help.

Wed Feb 01 2012
reardon200<at>gmaildot com<
what is it worth
raleigh superlative rm5
it runs and rides real nice
cape cod mass. USA.

Mon Nov 14 2011
stuart<at>sbushnell.plusdot com<
Oil pump
Raleigh Model 15 Delux
Does any one have any information about the oil pump fitted to the Raleigh 15 the bike I have has parts missing anything would help diagram spare parts etc

Sat May 28 2011
oil pump
Raleigh (sturmey archer) MT31 350cc
I need an oilpump for my MT 31 complete with driving worm.
Can you help me?


Her some pictures, try to make some better one's from complete bike.

Greetings Gert
Uw bericht kan nu met het volgende bijlagen of koppelingen worden verzonden:

Sun Feb 06 2011
drumark1<at>googlemaildot com<
Raleigh Moped RM4
Raleigh RM4
I have inherited a Raleigh Moped RM4.in good working condition with all documents.Are you able to advise me where I could sel it and what it's value might be. Many thanks.

Our page on Classic Motorcycle Prices may help with evaluation. Ed.

Thu Jan 20 2011
Zest71698<at>aoldot com<
1927 Raleigh Brochure
Raleigh all
Hi, I have a 1927 Raleigh Motorcycle Catalogue that I will be listing on eBay soon. In looking at your site, I find that you are not showing any images common to the ones in my brochure. I don't know how uncommon this sort of literature is, but if it would be useful to you, I could send you digital images of the whole catalogue. I'll attach a couple of example, but if required I could provide higher resolution photos. Regards,
Greg Wood, Kentucky, USA

Wed Jan 19 2011
raleighregister<at>hotmaildot com<
Raleigh Motor
Raleighg 1927
Did raleigh ever produce a JaP motor in there frames if so yeay and model
Have started a Raleigh Register firmotorcycles in Australia
Thanks COLIN

Tue Dec 07 2010
Andrewmedlicott<at>aoldot com<
Petrol Tank Rack
Raleigh Whisp
Dear All,
I am trying to locate a carrying rack to fit on the tank of a Raleigh Whisp Moped.
Does anybody have one to sell or if not any suggestions of who to try?
Macclesfield, Cheshire

Tue Oct 05 2010
didjawh3<at>hotmaildot com<
Raleigh V Twin
I can not fine this motor bike anywhere I believe it to be a Raleigh but the numbers dont match any thing i can fine

Wed Jun 23 2010
didjawh3<at>hotmaildot com<
What is it?
I have just found this motor bike and i belive it may be a Raleigh 1924 -1927 can anyone help

Mon Apr 19 2010
old raleigh
unknow unknow
i would like to know more about this bike
geneva ohio

Tue Mar 30 2010
jlarb<at>hotmaildot com<
raleigh rm4
I have recently bought a raleigh RM 4 in poor condition and would be greatful for any advice on where to search for parts, decals, saddle etc
northern ireland

Sun Nov 22 2009
davidsterling at live.co.uk
Who made the v twin engine for the 1934 raleigh saftey seven ?

The 1934 Raleigh Safety Seven has a 742cc V-Twin engine by Sturmey-Archer. Ed.

Fri Oct 16 2009
nomisluapnosam at googlemaildot com<
raleigh roma
i am looking for spares

Sun Oct 11 2009
jleber at estvideo.fr
Motorcycle Raleigh
Pieces or manuel (Books) NH 30 Sports OHV
Have you adresses for pieces of this modell, thanks Bye

Fri May 29 2009
amosroney at medot com<
Raleigh 20 & 30
I have attached a photo of Grandad on his Raleigh model 20 (possibly) 192? Reg Number EB-7667. Also His brother on a Raleigh model 30 (possibly) Reg Number EB-7481. I would like to trace these motorcycles and more information about them! Memorabilia or similar machines also considered.
Cambridge, UK

Sat Aug 22 2009
Wanted Bikes, Information and Memorabilia
Raleigh 1929 Model 15 Deluxe and 1928 Model 23
We now have the correct information on the attached photos. Grandad on his 1929 Model 15 Delux, and Great Uncle on his 1928 Model 23. We would very much like to trace these particular machines, but realise that maybe impossible, so if you have a model 15 Deluxe or 23, memorabilia we would like to hear from you.

Kind regards
Cambridge, UK

Sat Apr 25 2009
m.howard47 at ntlworlddot com<
Raliegh 500 Sloper 1929
Have you any info on the above was there an option of hand/foot gear change
Many thanks

Thu Mar 12 2009
vermindave at hotmaildot com<
raleigh rm9 wheels
raleigh rm9
im trying to find out the corect rim and tyre size for a rm9 after the wheels were replaced and now wont fit the frame...any help would be apreciated..thanks..

Fri Dec 05 2008
laschu at gmx.de
Sturmey Archer gearbox
Raleigh 500 OHV 1928
Dear Gentleman,
I just bought a Raleigh Motorcycle with a 500ccm OHV Sturmey Archer engine.
The problem is, that the gearbox is defective. Can anybody sell me such a gearbox then please contact me. Thank you!
Attached are pictures which are from the internet. My motorcycle should look like this after restauration.

Images not published due copyright restrictions.

Fri Nov 07 2008
mattias at oritex.se
Raleigh Motorcycle
raleigh motorcycle MO-30 2.98 h.p 1930
Just about to finish my restoration of MO-30 2.98 hp 300 cc sidevalve but need to find gas and oilcaps Gas inner dia 52 mm oil inner dia 45mm Can anyone help me to find these?

Tue Oct 21 2008
xco-copopx at hotmail.co.uk
where can i find frame number ?
raliegh roma 78cc
found engine number but need to find frame number for v.m.s.club to give me details for dvla. thanks paul.
port sunlight wirral.

Sat Oct 11 2008
jamierothwellwow at hotmaildot com<
rm6 tyres
raleigh rm6
Hello there. I just wondered if you knew of anywhere that sold tyres that would fit my Raleigh rm6. (23" x 2")
I can't seem to find any anywhere... I've even tried Halfords!!!
Many thanks
newcatsle upon tyne

Tyres - various resouces

Fri Aug 15 2008
cdixon at sympatico.ca
What to do with her?
Raleigh Roma
I have a Raleigh Roma scooter that was purchased back in the early 1960's by my Dad.

It, along with one other and 2 Raleigh mopeds were shipped directly from England to a small air force base near Rivers Manitoba, Canada.

When we were posted to Ottawa, it didn't get much use. I used it as a teenager back in the late 70's for a couple of years until I bought my first car. Since then it has been sitting in a small shed with a concrete floor in Ottawa, at my fathers place. It sat for maybe 15 years until one day for my nephew, I tried to start it up as a lark. With a little fresh gas and oil, unbelievable it did! And I took it for a short ride around the block too!

So… their she sits with the lawn chairs and mower.

Is there anyone that would be interested in her? I may try eBay someday, but I though someone that has passion for Raleigh would want to discuss her future.
Ottawa, Canada

Thu Jul 31 2008
djcant at bigponddot com<
1928 Raleigh model 20 photos
Raleigh 1928 Model 20
I am restoring a 1928 Model 20 Raleigh (400cc side valve) and am looking for parts manual or photos of this motorcycle. Does anyone know if there is an internet group for Raleigh motorcycle?

Sun Mar 23 2008
jragrabietz at hotmaildot com<
Raleigh MT30 2,-port sports
Dear friends,
can anyone tell me the colour of the fueltank.
It is a two tone one black and ivory. What shade of color can I find in Germany
I'll send you a picture of the Raleigh and I hope you can identify the colour. Important is the colour of the ivory.
Yours on the motorbike
mit freundlichen Grüßen

Joachim Grabietz

Mon Mar 31 2008
martin at blay.co.uk
Ignition advance
Raleigh RM8
Does anyone know what the ignition advance should be set to on a Raleigh RM8 (RM6 sould be the same).
Martin Blay
Basildon, Essex, UK

Tue Mar 18 2008
ricmotos at msndot com<
ayuda raleigh 1930
raleigh 1930
hola amigo tengo un raleigh 1930 incompleto con el motor funcionando y desearia que me ayudaran a contactar alguna persona que deseara comprarlo yo soy ricardo lopez de mexico df. les agradesco su cooperacion y su ayuda, ademas de obtener mas informacion gracias y saludos
mexico df

Tue Mar 11 2008
Domhelmutmeyer at aoldot com<
Raleigh Motor Cycles
Raleigh Nottingham England 2 - Wheel Motorcycle black
Raleigh 250 cc, black best condition, good price from private seller
Germany, Bonn

Fri Dec 28 2007
construcer at mail.telepac.pt
Tyres for Raleigh
RALEIGH 1920(?)
Dear Sirs
To the model in the photos attached, I need tubes and tyres.

From what I could retrieve from the existing tyres, their measures are diameter 21", dimensions : 26x2.375 and 27x2.75.
Can you help me where can I buy these tyres and tubes?
Thank you in advance
Antonio Corte Real
Anadia, Portugal

Information on tyres here: Vintage Motorcycle Tyres

Sat Dec 22 2007
abby-lane at netzerodot com<
Raleigh Motorcycle
1933 Raleigh 500cc Single Overhead valve
If there is anyone with photos of this machine, please contact me at Email address. Thank you.
Florida, USA

Sat Dec 22 2007
davejky8p at hotmaildot com<
parts and its age
hi just bought this ? dont laff ! they say its its 1960? reg nfl701 it needs some tlc but i will get there just need help with parts and its age as there is no paper work yet
lincoln uk

Fri Nov 30 2007
wrsltduk at hotmaildot com<
Spare Parts
Raleigh Safety Seven
Does anyone have any engine or gearbox parts for one of these cars

Tue Oct 02 2007
jopeter at omninet.net.au
Raleigh ..valve lifter
Raleigh ,model 15 250 cc 1923
I have a Raleigh 250 cc side valve .There appears to have been a valve lifter at one stage but it has been removed .Could anyone please send me a picture of the mechanism<
Albany,West Australia

Fri Sep 28 2007
albertpisani at gmail.com<
1926 Raleigh Mod 15
I am currently restoring a 1926 Mod 15 Raleigh and require the following parts to complete it: Primary chain cover and tool box. I could also use a front wheel hub if available. Albert Pisani

Wed Aug 29 2007
julian at randledot com<
raleigh 1924
Raleigh 1924
Hi there I have just purchased a beatifully restored 1924 raleigh. Is there a club or some forum of Raleigh owners I can meet?

Wed Aug 22 2007
suelen at tznetdot com<
Moped with documentation
1964 Raleigh Ultramatic Moped RM9
This moped is in excellent original condition, I believe it has the original tires on it yet. I also have the orignal sales reciept, export invoice, from Nottingham England to the original owner in the USA. I also have the spare parts list books for the RM9, Runabout Model RM6, Automatic Model RM4, and the MK.III Moped, Model NM 2, and Technical specification sheets and advertising literature, all in excellent condition. I would like to sell the moped, with paperwork, to a collector who can appreciate the value of this rare find. The moped speedometer shows less than 2000 miles, the seat, paint, decals, are all in great condition, It starts and runs great. I do have photos available. I do not know what the value of it is, I would like to know of any collectors that would be interested in purchasing this.
Wisconsin USA

Fri Aug 10 2007
julian at randledot com<
Price appraisal
Raleigh 1924
Hello I am offered to buy a very good, in full working condition, Raleigh 1924; I believe 800CC. What would the price be?

Our page on Classic Motorcycle Prices may help with evaluation. Ed.

Wed Jul 18 2007
sitsur at aoldot com<
Raleigh Motorcycle
I have recently purchased the attached raleigh, please could you date it approx and would it have a model number.
thank you
northampton uk
I believe it to be of approximately 1923 vintage as it bears considerable resemblance to the models of 1925/26 which have chain drive. Sorry, not sure of model designation. Ed.

Wed Jun 27 2007
info at m-b-z.ch
Raleigh 500 OHV, 1928
I looking for Footrest for my Raleigh.

Thu Feb 15 2007
bsab20 at yahoo.com.au
1920s Raleigh motorcycles

Have purcahsed a job lot of Raleigh motorscycle parts which appear to be around 1924/25/26/27
(included 3 frames c/w forks, 3 engines 1 x 350cc OHV 2 x 248cc SV)
Looking for information below with a view to restoring at least 2 of these motorcycles
1. list of frame and engine numbers.
2. Pictures of models for these years.
3. Technical details and diagrams for gearboxes
4. Do ylou know of a Raleigh motorcycle owners club in Melbourne Australia

any information greatly appreciated

Wed Oct 11 2006
vinty at mcb.net
Engine details
1935 three wheeled van/ Karyall
I have a 1935 Raleigh van
What make is the distributor, Points ect
It's a 742cc V twin Side valve
Any information whould be good information
Isle of Man

Sat Sep 30 2006
abby-lane at netzerodot com<
Raleigh 500cc single
My first motorbike in 1946, I was 16, was the Raleigh 500 cc single sloper with 3 speed hand shift Sturmy Archer grease lubed gearbox. It had a flat gas tank

Wed Sep 06 2006
deanschubert at bigponddot com<
Raleigh M/C's
1923 - 350cc
I HAVE A 1923 - 350cc RALEIGH m/c older restoration in good going order (apart from tyres - mine are origional and have no rubber left 26 x 2and a half or possibly 3 could work.
I also have a 1924 and a 1926 in un-restored condition and the remains of a 1925. Would like to make contact with other RALEIGH owners of bikes in this era. Also any help or advice with my bikes greatly appreciated - contact Dean S

Tue Sep 05 2006
ssiong at yahoodot com<
Please help to identify this bike
Releigh 1927
I found this bike in Malaysia and try to find information about it online. However, I can't find anything about it. Do you have information about it? Thanks

Wed Aug 30 2006
bjames66 at hotmaildot com<
roma mark2
Hello, my name is Brian and I have just bought a 1964 raleigh roma mk2, the tax disc shows it as 50cc, the one I passed my test on was 78cc, which was the only one I thought they made. Any information on them would be very welcome, including whether or not spares are available, many thanks. Brian James.

Mon Sep 12 2005
poulnercommon at yahoo.co.uk
Sturmey Archer engines
can you say if Raleigh fitted a Sturmey Archer 198cc side valve. I have such an engine which looks like '30s. thanks, John

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