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Raleigh Motorcycles for 1923

The 1922 Olympia Show.

RALEIGH. (99.)

Outside Flywheel Singles.

2¾ H.P. Model.

  • 71x88 mm. (348 c.c); single cyl. four-stroke; side valves; drip-feed lubrication; Amac carb; chain-driven mag.; 3-sp. gear; clutch and kick-starter; chain drive; 26x2¼in. tyres. Price £66.

RALEIGH Cycle Co., Ltd., Nottingham.

Two models of the well-known 348 c.c. medium-weight Raleigh are shown, and pride of place must be given to the 348 c.c. all-chain model which, with Sturmey-Archer three-speed gear, forms a very complete and practical touring mount. The cheaper model differs from the above, in that it is provided with a two-speed gear and chain-cum-belt drive at £55. The general lines of these machines are pleasing, and appeal to those motor cyclists who require a substantial and reliable touring mount, which, whilst capable of a good turn of speed, cannot be described as a racing machine. A detail which appeals specially to the practical rider is the arrangement of holder to display the licence on the side of the tool-bag beneath the seat-pillar tube.

Very attractive also is a sports model of the lightweight, which differs more than merely in having flat bars and foot-rests. The engine has been modified internally so as to attain higher "revs," and over 60 m.p.h. is within its reach.

The horizontally opposed twin-cylinder model is shown with a sidecar, and incorporates many features of refinement which appeal to those who love comfort on the road. The wheels are detachable and interchangeable, and the general finish and workmanship of the outfit are of a very high order. A capacious locker is provided at the rear of the sidecar body, and a fixed windscreen is also fitted. The price is £130.

Olympia Show 1922
The Motor Cycle, November 30th, 1922. Page 857