Raleigh Motorcycles

Raleigh Models

1901 Front wheel drive with Schwan engine

1902 3hp Single

1903-1908 Raleighette forecar motor tricycle

1906-1919 paused motorcycle production

Raleigh 1920 698cc Flat Twin

Raleigh 1922 350cc 2¾ h.p.

1922 698cc Flat Twin

Raleigh 1922 Models

1923 2¾ H.P. Model 348 c.c 71x88 mm

1923 flat-twin

1924 350cc 2 ¾hp Model

1924 Model 12 798cc 60° SV V-Twin

1924 Model 13 798cc Combination, wheelbase 2in longer than Model 12.

1925 Model 13

1926 Model 5 399cc SV

1926 Model 6 Sports 350cc OHV

1926 Model 15 798cc 60° SV V-Twin

1926 Model 16 349cc

1926 Model 25 OHV

1926 Model 17

1927 Model 6 350cc OHV 3.48 hp

1927 Model 20 3.48 h.p.

1927 Model 12 V-Twin 7.98hp

1927 Model 13 7.98 h.p.

1927 Model 13A 7.8hp V-Twin Combination

1927 Model 14 248cc Sidevalve

1927 Model 15 2.48 HP

1927 Model 16 Light Tourist 3.48 h.p.

1927 Model 16 De Luxe 3.48 h.p.

1927 Model 17 1.74hp

1927 Model 21 4.98 hp

1927 Model 22 Combination

1928 Model 15 250cc De Luxe, SV, saddle tank.

1928 Model 26 350cc OHV

1928 Model 20 De Luxe 348cc SV 3.48hp

1928 Model 23 498cc OHV Twinport Sports

1929 500cc OHV Twinport Sports

1929 Model 21 De Luxe 496cc Sidevalve 79mm x 101mm 10.5hp

1930 and earlier, models MA, MG, MH, MO & MT

1931 models MA31 4.96hp SV, MG31, MH31 4.96hp, MT30 348cc 3.48hp Twinport & MT31 3.48hp Twinport

1931 Model MO31 298cc 2.98hp

1932 MG32 350cc OHV Twin-port

1932 Karryall Three-wheeler 598cc SV

1933 MH33 4.96hp OHV Two-Port Sports

1933 Model MG33

1933 Model MO33 2.98Hp 298cc

1933 Model MH33 4.96hp Combination

1933 Model MA33 4.96hp Combination

1933 Motorcycle production ceased that year.

1935 Karryall Van 750cc Three-wheeler

Raleigh Mopeds 1958-1971

1962 Roma Scooter

1924 Raleigh Model 12 798cc V-Twin

The Raleigh Model 12 first appeared in 1924 as a replacement for the flat-twin. It was powered by a SV 798cc 60-degree V-twin with a Sturmey-Archer three-speed gearbox, and remained in production until 1927. The same engine was used in the firm's Model 13 and Model 15 sidecar combinations.

1924 Raleigh Model 13 798cc Combination

Introduced in 1924, Model 13 replaced the 698cc flat-twin which had proved expensive to produce. Fitted with a sidevalve 798cc 60-degree V-twin and a Sturmey-Archer three-speed gearbox, the wheelbase was 2" longer than the Model 12. It remained in production until 1927. The same engine was used in the Model 15.

1927 Model 15 2.48 H.P.

ENGINE. - 2.48 h.p. Raleigh design and manufacture, bore 60 m.m.. stroke 88 m.m., 248 c.c. capacity. Large diameter outside flywheel, Roller-bearing big end. Ball-bearing crankshaft. Cylinders care fully designed to provide maximum effciency.

(The Model 14 has the same engine specifcation.)

1927 Model 17 1.74 H.P.


ENGINE.-1.74 hp. Sturmey-Archer engine gear unit, 174 c.c. capacity. Bore 52 m.m., stroke 82 m.m., four stroke single cylinder, internal flywheels, incorporating two speed gear, kick starter, handlebar controlled clutch, magneto and carburetter.

FRAME. Loop frame giving light weight with great strength. The sloping top tube gives a low riding position. The complete unit can be readily removed from frame if required.

1928 Model No. 20 De Luxe 3:48 h.p.


ENGINE. 3:48 h.p. Raleigh design and manufacture. Bore 71 m/m. Stroke 88 m/m. 348 c.c. capacity. Roller and ball bearing crankshaft, roller bearing big end. Aluminium piston fitted with fully floating gudgeon pin.

LUBRICATION. Mechanical, with reserve hand pump. Frame parts by grease gun.

IGNITION. Magneto with handlebar control.

TANK. Large petrol capacity is provided by twin tanks which conceal the top and tank tubes. Each tank is independent and holds 1½ gallons. Oil is carried in a separate tank on down tube which holds 3½ pints.

SADDLE. Flexible top saddle giving riding position of 26¾in.

FOOTRESTS. Adjustable, giving three positions.

BRAKES. Internal-expanding type fitted to front and rear wheels. Front operated by righthand inverted lever. Rear operated by left heel pedal.

1928 Raleigh Model 26 SS 350cc OHV

Raleigh entered the 1928 Isle of Man TT and their overhead valve road models reflected the company's interest in road racing, becoming more sporting in appearance.

1929 Model 21 500cc

Capacity: 496cc
Bore/stroke: 79mm x 101mm
Engine type: Sidevalve
Power: 10.5 hp
Gearbox: Sturmey Archer 3-speed

Notes: "The 250cc SV frame prefix was J in the 1925-29 era and the 300cc SV frame prefix was O a little later." ~ 33d6, classicmotorcycleforum.com