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Phillips Mopeds

A Brief History of the Marque

Phillips Cycles Ltd of Smethwick, Birmingham, was owned by the Tube group in the mid-50's, and like their siblings Norman, Raleigh and Hercules they were mostly Motob├ęcane Mobylettes built under licence in Britain at the Raliegh works.

Introduced in 1954, Phillips models include the P39 Gadabout of 1956, and the P40 and three-speed P50 Gadabout Deluxe of 1959.

The Vincent Firefly engine when fitted to a Phillips frame in 1956 was known as a Vincent Power Cycle.

Phillips History
Good article on the Phillips P50 at The Moped Archive

stevecally22 at gmail.com
I'd like to buy two Phillips pandas II or III. One in reasonable condition and one with spares or even two in reasonable condition. One with the original number without be a bonus. I'm located in Manchester.
Please let me know if you can or me in touch with anybody looking to sell.
Many Thanks,
spook.1 at live.co.uk
Phillips gadabout deluxe 3 1959
Hi I've just bought a phillips gadabout deluxe 3. On the original log book the engine number is 831859. But on the engine plate its type 504. Motor number 361907. Does anyone know if this is the original 3 speed engine. Really struggling for info and parts for this moped. Need exhaust and cables etc. Any info will be appreciated thanks dylan.
Wrexham uk

peterhedges701 at btinternet.com
I have a Philips moped, engine number and frame number are present. i would like some info on it if possible. Frame number is 2R398, engine number is 837133. Can you help. manufacture date, model etc. Thank you.
Pete Hedges

Fri Dec 23 2016
c.venkatadri.westernauto at gmail.com
rear brake mechanism<
Phillips Gadabout P45
Need brake mechanism which is missing . need picture or manual for this moped

Fri Dec 11 2015
kensalrising at yahoo.co.uk
Philips Panda, timing, Woodruff key or key steel
Philips Panda, 59/60 Panda set contacts 014/012 Type FW17
I am trying to attach a flywheel, to the Philips Panda, the timing keeps slipping, so I wondered do i need a woodruff key or a key steel, and is there a notch cut out for it on the spline?

Understand that the Panda is basically a rebadged Raleigh RM4 or RM5, both of which were built by Motobecane. A manual for the RM5 is available here: http://www.mopedcentral.com/images/RaleighRM5.pdf
Neither the manual nor the parts list mention a woodruff key, only a "cam".

Thank you for the prompt reply..
I am slightly confused, there are two holes in the flywheel, that are empty..

I guess I missed the pins that locate it. On the setting of this flywheel, is the wheel set at TDC, (top dead centre) and then adjustment of timing on the points etc, or is it set as is with these pins? I suppose the timing must be quite spot on to achieve the 180-200mpg it is rated at. Also, if I replace the bigends rings etc, where can I get them?

Many thanks for the manual and.
Kind regards
Hugh Nott

Sun Sep 21 2014
j.jhall at hotmail.co.uk
phillips gadabout
i am looking for a seat with a stem fitting

Fri Jul 30 2010
bazbikes49<at>yahoodot com
Availability of tyres 23 x2 inch
Philips Gadabout Deluxe 3 
Have been trying all over for new or good used tyres for my latest restoration the size required is 23 x 2 inch
Motueka NewZealand

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