Ariel 1940 WNG 350cc Canada

The bike is a 1940 Ariel W/NG 350cc. It is the 1598th bike amde in the first contract #8302. It was delievered to Chilwell 18-07-40. It was send out to resupply the troops on the return from Dunkirk. We don't know what unit it went to but it probably went to the B.E.F and [then it] went to Norway on the liberation. It was first registered as a civilian bike 20-07-48. The previous owner purchased in Norway in 2007 and it was shipped to Canada in 2008-2009. There is no number on the engine and the frame # is XG13200. It had an early restoration done in Norway and I am looking for the owner that did the restoration and any other information relating to this Ariel W/NG.

Steven Bell

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