Ariel Motorcycles

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Ariel 1955 Brochure

Ariel Motorcycles

Models Produced from 1898 to 1965

1898 Ariel De-Dion Tricycle

1901 Ariel £50

1903 Ariel 2¾ h.p.

1903 Ariel Minerva 47 Guineas

1906 Ariel Magneto ignition

1908 Ariel 2¾ h.p. and 3¼ h.p.

1911 Ariel 325cc

1913 Ariel 3.5 hp 499cc, single-cylinder sv four-stroke

1914 Ariel 350cc 2T

1915 Ariel 1915 V-Twin

1918 Ariel 4 hp White and Poppe engine

1920 Ariel 4½hp 585cc single, 795cc 6-7hp V-twin, 3½hp 498cc sv. 1920 Models

1922 Ariel 8hp MAG Twin, 499cc Sports single. 1922 Models

1923 Ariel 249cc Blackburne, 949cc IOE MAG V-twin, 796cc 6/7hp Twin. 1923 Models

1926 Ariel Model D 500cc Four-stroke OHV single

1926-59 Ariel VB 598cc sv single

1926-35 Ariel 557cc sidevalve singles models A, B, SB, VA

1928 Ariel Models

1929 Models

550cc Side Valve, Standard Model A 550cc Side Valve, De Luxe Model B
500cc Two Port O.H.V. Standard Model E
500cc Two Port O.H.V. De Luxe Model F
250cc Side Valve De Luxe Model LB
250cc Two Port O.H.V. De Luxe Model LF
Ariel 1929 Models

1929-32 Ariel LB 250cc side-valve

1929-32 Ariel LF & LG 250cc OHV "Colt"

Ariel Models of the 1930s

1940 Ariel VA 500cc Side Valve

Ariel W/NG 350 1940-1945 (Military)

1948 Ariel KG & KH 500cc Twins

1947-58 Ariel VB 598cc sv single

1949-53 Ariel Square Four Mark I 995cc

1949-1953 Ariel VCH 500cc competition

Ariel Models of the 1950s

1963 Ariel Golden Arrow 250cc

1963 Ariel Pixie

1967 Ariel Arrow 200cc

1969 Ariel 3 Three-wheeler, 50cc Anker engine