Ariel Motorcycles

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Ariel Motor Cycles, 1927

Extract from a report on the 1926 Olympia Show in the Motor Sport Magazine:

Alphabetically speaking, the premier example of this is the Ariel, than which there was nothing more " touring " and " reliable " until last year. Then it was that the new engines appeared, one o.h.v. and one s.v., but both remarkably "fruity."

Apparently it was quickly realised that a frame that is good at 50 m.p.h. is not necessarily good at 80 m.p.h. therefore the 1927 Ariel has a completely up-to-date cradle frame with a very low-saddle position and a stumpy tank encasing the single top-tube ; further features of modern practice include a steering damper, 7-inch brakes, and lastly, a very efficient silencer, the whole machine, of which various models are made, selling at prices between £45 and thus representing really remarkable value for money.