Ariel Motorcycles

Ariel Motorcycles 1903

The above is the latest type of motor bicycle introduced by The Ariel Motor Co., Ltd. The whole machine, including the engine of 2¼ h.p., has been designed and manufactured at their factory in Birmingham. The carburetter, of the surface type, is the same design as used with great success on Ariel tricycles and quads, with a running capacity of 110 to 120 miles. The lubricating pump with glass barrel and oil compartment is let into the frame tank, the accumulators being carried in a separate case under frame tank. Ignition is by make and break on the timing shaft, a trembler being fitted on the induction coil. One lever controls the speed ; this lever also opens the exhaust valve when placed in a vertical position. A useful refinement is the addition of a prolector over the chain and free-wheel clutch.

The Ariel Motor Co., with their unique experience of motor cycle manufacture, should secure conspicuous success with this machine. We understand Mr. E. Herington will ride an identical mount in the Glasgow-London non-stop run.

~The Motor Cycle