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Ariel Motor Cycles, 1928

From Sports Mounts for 1928 in the Motor Sport Magazine

YEAR after year the choice of a sports machine for the new season becomes more and more difficult. At one time half a dozen stands comprised the sports range, but now, nearly every exhibitor presents a tempting model for the clubman and sports rider.

The choice of a mount has become a bewildering business, for those firms, which up to a very few years ago offered nothing but touring machines, now display hyper-super-sports models, which compete successfully with the products of firms which have specialised in "hot stuff" machines for years. Of the former firms, Ariel must be classed in the forefro at of up to date manufacturers. Their 1928 range is very pleasing in design, appearance, and doubtless in performance. There are thirty-two new features incorporated in the 1928 machines, including improvements to frame, forks, mudguards and a new patent regulator for the lubrication system. Prices run from £43 10s. (side valve) and from £48 10s. to £52 10s. (o.h.v.). There is probably no better value for money in the Show.

Ariel 1928 Models

Ariel 1928 Model A 557cc

Ariel 1928 5.5HP Model A Sidevalve

Ariel 1928 Model B 5.5HP SV

Ariel 1928 Model C Standard OHV Twin-port

Ariel 1928 Model D 5.0HP OHV De Luxe

Ariel 1928 5HP Model E Two-Port