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Healey Motorcycles

Healey of Worcestershire produced motorcycles between 1971 and 1976.

  • G. C. & T. Healey
    Bartleet Road
    Washford Industrial Estate
    Redditch B98 0DQ
    Telephone: Ipsley 3315

1971-1972 After Ariel stopped producing the Square Four (also known as the Squariel), the Healey Brothers (George and Tom) were left hunting for spares. Following that, they made them themselves and eventually went into business to supply others. That then led to the building of a complete machine by adapting an Egli spine frame and using pivoted rear suspension instead of the Ariel link system. The frame also carried the engine oil, there was a front tie-bar to support the engine and Metal Profile forks were fitted. By using wire wheels with Italian hubs and alloy rims, the result combined the old Squariel looks in a modern frame.

1973 By now, they were fitting disc front brakes.

1974 Alternators were used.

1976 The machines were fitted with cast-alloy wheels and a rear disc-brake. There were also styling changes. However, because of the limited market and the expense of production, no more were made beyond the end of the year.

N.B. There has been some suggestion that the Healing Bros. were also involved with Egli, a post saying that Roger Slater, who manufactured Egli-Vincents, supplied the Healey brothers with frames.

Source: Graces Guide

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