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Ariel 1915 V-twin


The power plant of the 1915 twin-cylinder Ariel. The left-hand illustration shows the valve timing gear exposed.


NEITHER the twin nor the single-cylinder Ariel has been materially altered for 1915, but they have both undergone certain slight changes which are in the nature of refinements.

One is immediately struck by the sensible aluminium footplates with a curved toe piece and ribs, so arranged as to be easily cleaned. These plates will in future take the place of the covered boards previously fitted. A closer inspection shows that the spring forks are somewhat wider and stronger, and the front guard is increased in width to suit. The back hub also is wider, and the wheel more powerfully constructed so that the machine is suited for hard work over any surface, however bad.

The chain from the engine to the gear box is totally enclosed, and a pipe leads from the side of the crank chamber in such a manner as to blow oily vapour direct on to the chain and so keep it thoroughly lubricated while running. Inverted exhaust lifter and front brake levers take the place of the external type, and one of the most important requirements is the addition of a handlebar control to the clutch. A lever is placed in front of the exhaust lifter, and is connected by Howden mechanism to the foot control, so that two independent methods of withdrawing the clutch are provided.

An important feature of the Ariel motor cycles is that neither the twin nor the single is too heavy for solo work, though the fact that both types are fully capable of heavy sidecar work has been demonstrated often enough, and most of our readers will remember that the famous Bwlch-y-Groes was ascended with a hot engine by a standard 3½ h.p. and sidecar with a passenger of over eleven stone. That this performance was not only genuine but even accomplished with considerable ease the writer can personally guarantee, having been the passenger in question, the driver on the same occasion being F. C. North, who is at present at the Front serving as a despatch rider.

The Motor Cycle, December 31st, 1914. p722

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