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Ariel Motorcycles 1922


Ariel 1922 500 Sports 499cc

An addition to the Ariel range is the 3½ h.p. Sports model, with three-speed gear and clutch, but without kick-starter.


Ariel 1922 8hp MAG V-Twin

An 8 h.p. M.A.G.-engined Ariel, which marks the entry of this well-known machine into the full-powered class.

A Sports Model Ariel and a New Big Twin.

Five Models for 1922, including an 8 h.p. M.A.G.-engined Mount.

IN addition to existing Ariel models, in which little change has been made, there will be marketed a new sports type. Selling at the very moderate figure of £87. 10s., this new Ariel is bound to attract a considerable amount of attention. Fitted with .the 499 c.c. Ariel engine (86.4x85 mm.) and three-speed gear box, it has an enclosed primary chain, lubricated by excess oil from the crank case, and final belt drive.

Decompressor, but no Kick-starter.

In connection with the engine, it will be remembered that a decompressor has been fitted for many years past, though in the latest type the operating pedal is attached directly to the decompressor instead of being connected by external links. The sports model has a handlebar clutch control, but no kick-starter, so that the decompressor is a particularly useful fitting in this case.

Of standard construction, the three-speed gear box has a new type of gear operation, the lever and quadrant lying conveniently below and at the side of the new dome-sided tank.

Many detail modifications have been carried out, such, for instance, as the replacement of pannier toolbags by a circular metal tool box at the rear, while the tyre pump is also attached to the carrier in such a manner that it does not interfere with luggage capacity. A long exhaust pipe from the engine now leads to a welded sheet metal silencer of streamline formation, having a long narrow final exit. A toe-operated belt rim brake is fitted to the rear wheel.

The front mudguard is fully valanced, and has a wide splasher at the base, which does much towards protecting the engine and rider's feet. Besides the usual specification, which includes B. and B. carburetter. Best and Lloyd sight feed drip and pump, and 26x2 3/8 in. Dunlop tyres, rubber grips are fitted to the handle-bar - a refinement which is not usual on standard machines.

An 8 h.p. Twin.

The standard 3½ h.p. three-speed Ariel will sell at £95, and the big 4½ h.p. single (chain drive) at £105. The 6-7 h.p. twin, with chain and belt drive, is listed at £110, and a new model, fitted with an 8 h.p. M.A.G. engine and all-chain drive, will be marketed at £125.

Two sidecars are marketed, the lighter model, for chain-cum-belt drive machines, selling at £30, while the special type, for all-chain drive machines, costs £5 extra.

All Ariel machines are fitted with the already well-known Ariel gear box, and, with the exception of the sports model, the spring saddle pillar peculiar to this firm is supplied. In addition, the new 8 h.p. model has internal expanding brakes in both front and rear wheels.

The Motor Cycle, November 17th, 1921.