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Ariel Motorcycles

The first Ariel was a penny-farthing bicycle, and was named for Ariel, the mischievous airy spirit in Shakespeare's The Tempest.

The earliest motorised Ariel was a tricycle of 1898, and the first Minerva-engined motorcycle was produced in 1901.

Ariel History...

Some models from the 1920s use Blackburne engines, and also engines from White and Poppe, Abingdon, MAG, and JAP before the end of the twenties.

Partial list of Ariel Models

Model Year Notes
Ariel 3 hp 1908 325cc
Ariel 3.5 hp 1913 499cc, single-cylinder side-valve four-stroke
Ariel V-twin 1915 700cc
Ariel 4hp 1918 White and Poppe engine
Ariel Model D 500cc 1926 Four stroke OHV single
Ariel 557cc 1926-35 Side-valve singles Models A, B, SB, VA & VB
Ariel LB 1929-32 250cc side-valve
Ariel LF & LG 1929-32 250cc OHV "Colt"
Ariel 4F 1931-40 "Square" four cylinder engine in 500cc (1931-32) & 600cc (1932-40) versions
Ariel VH 1932-40 500cc OHV Red Hunter
Ariel NH 1932-40 350cc OHV Red Hunter
Ariel LH & OH 1934-40 250cc OHV Red Hunter
Ariel LF, LG, & OG 1934-40 250cc OHV "Colt"
Ariel VB 1926-35 598cc side-valve single
Ariel 4G & 4H 1937-40 "Square" four cylinder 995cc
Ariel W/NG 1940-45 350cc (Military)
Ariel KG & KH 1945 500cc parallel twin, later versions called the "Fieldmaster"
Ariel Square Four Mark I 1949-53 "Square" four cylinder 995cc
Ariel Square Four Mark II 1953-58 "Square" four cylinder 995cc
Ariel FH 1954 650cc parallel twin called the "Huntmaster" with BSA A10 engine
Ariel 350cc HT 1954 Trials special with competition frame
Ariel 500cc HT 1954 Trials special with competition frame
Ariel Leader 1958-1965 250cc two stroke
Ariel Arrow 1959 250cc sports version of Ariel Leader
Ariel Golden Arrow 1963 250cc
Ariel Arrow 1967 200cc reduced capacity to place it in lower road tax bracket
Ariel Pixie 1968 50cc BSA Beagle engine
Ariel 3 1969 Dutch Anker 50cc three wheeler

Sources: Tragatsch, JLB Creations

michaelscott.drexler at
1957 Ariel 650 Twin
I am looking for the headlight assembly that wrap around the headlight. Like the image on your front page, it looks like it mounts to the forks. Do you know the exact part name or number so I may order it? It is for my father's bike
Michael S Drexler
Eau Claire, WI 54701 USA

No Ariels are depicted on this site's front page. The UK owners club may be able to help with your question.
aceaves at
Ariel Red Hunter
Firstly do you do valuations or only sales?
The Ariel that I'm enquiring about was ridden by my father Max Eaves as a very successful combination in Tasmania where circuit and airstrip racing in the 50;s and early 60's was popular. The Ariel had major modifications by removing all unrequired hardware to save weight and replacing steel components in favour of alloy replacements. Moving the footpegs rearward and inverting the handlebars improved aerodynamics. A megaphone exhaust,12:1 compression piston(which required long head bolts directly to the crankcase),and a 1 1/4" RN carburettor gave a top speed of 110 m.p.h (176km/h).
If you require more photo's or history don't hesitate to contact me
Adrian Eaves
Queensland Australia

    We do neither valuations nor sales. If you sent an image I'm afraid it did not arrive. Ed.

mstod57 at
Looking for help locating a rear luggage rack, speedometer 120, and internal parts for Acetylene head lamp. Also looking for resource for original owners manual.
This is the 1928 Ariel, Model B Touring.
Michael Stoddard
Anchorage Alaska

    Ariel-1928-Model-B-Stoddard.jpg posted to Comments.

dwerk at
Ariel 4 Square
Father-in-law has an Ariel Motor #BJ294 and Frame # BP 70398. We are trying to determine what year and model this is?? Thanks
Don Werk
Grand Rapids, Michigan U.S.A.

jo.rawlings24 at
1950 VG 500
Is it possible to find information on my unrestored ( only moving parts replaced ) 1950 VG Ariel 500? ( still has original rims and metalwork in brill condition! ) I have receipts from first replacement part to present date as thick as a handful of double whiskies! Also. Why a neutral between each gear except 3rd and 4th? I have checked on-line but no joy. And one last comment. Only a madman would take this machine to 90 mph! And on the roads that were about in the 1950s? Fun is one thing but suicide, another!
Bob Rawlings

  • The extra neutrals were fitted to randomly selected machines as a ploy to make the riders think carefully about whether they really wanted to go any faster, according to an Ariel employee who is the father of a bloke I met at the pub.
    A marque specialist at the VMCC should be able to confirm this.
    The following page has nothing specific on Ariel as yet, but it may give some clues: British Resources

br.ray at
Ariel Colt 200 1956
Sir, I need a gearbox for my bike. I am using a BSA 3 speed gearbox at the moment. I need your kind advice too. Thanking you.
Bhaskar Ray
Indore, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA
andrus666 a t
Ariel poster
Good day,
I came across beautiful Ariel 30s poster on your web site. As was written on the picture I assume you have the rights for that poster / picture. I would like to use this image for poster for our local vintage bike enthusiasts gathering. Pls advise if that would be ok with you.
Andrus Luuding

  • Most of the images on the site have the same identification which is not meant to denote ownership, and many have credits for the source. For example:
    You are welcome to borrow the image. Ed.

wrthoma at
Ariel Square Four 1957
I have a Lycett dual saddle fitted to my bike but the rubber cushioning is perished and the seat cover is torn. Is it possible to obtain replacements for either or both?
Mr Richard Thomas

  • It is possible that there is a specialist making these, but probably the best bet is to find a reputable seat recoverer - they may be able to replace the cushion as well as the cover.

pjs_12559 at
Ariel 4G MK. ll
I have receltly inherited this bike and would like to know what value it has. It is is complete but a bite rough. Please let me know if you have any information on my bike. Thanks
Jim Smith
Arcata CA USA
  • Please send photo or post to Comments.

sosrepairs at
36 red hunter
looking for an open valve cylinder head for a 1936 500 red hunter
Gary Slater
Mission B.C. Canada

Tue, 17 Apr 2018
simon.holyfield at
Ariel Various!

Hi, I notice you have a number of pictures of an Ariel tool kit. As a member of the UK Ariel Owners Club, I'm compiling an online dossier of information on Ariel tools here: I wonder if you would mind if I used the information from your pictures? I'd show your pictures on my blog with a suitable link to 'Sheldon's EMU' As you might imaging, information on 1940s & 1950s original motorcycle toolkits is not exactly easily available! cheers Simon
Simon Holyfield
Sheringham United Kingdom

  • The images are the property of another, but I'm sure he will not mind. Thanks for asking.

Wed, 10 Jan 2018
edsontaxi2015 at
12 Ariel 350 nh ano 1950

Sou dono de uma moto Ariel ano 1950. Mod. nh. Contato para trocar pecas ou informacoes. (I own a motorcycle Ariel year 1950. Mod. Nh. Contact for exchanging parts or information.)
Edson de souza
Mogi guacu. Sao paulo Brazil

arehman010 at
Ariel 1932 VG32
Do you have manual for above said model of Ariel, I would like to buy, Since i start restoration of this bike. Your positive response highly appreciable
Anees Ur Rehman Mohammed
Nellore India
Fri Jun 23 2017
indianoilplaza at
head light nacelle
ariel red hunter 1957
i require head light nacelle for ariel 350 red hunter 1957 model
Thu Feb 02 2017
tombd at
ariel mark II
When did the first newly designed frame of the Ariel Square Four Mark II first become available? Where was the frame number located and was it raised letters/numbers? Were any aftermarket frames sold as frames only available at the time for purchase and if so did they receive dedicated frame numbers that would differ from production motorcycles?

Very interested to find answers. I'm certain that the frames first redesign for use through manufacturing started in 1952 for the 1953 model Mark II released as one of that years models.
Aftermarket frames made available, and where they were marked and how, and with what designation will be most interesting.
Thank you

Mon Aug 22 2016
edsontaxi2015 at
edson de souza
ariel nh 1950
preciso do manual completo da moto ariel nh 1950. motor, cambio suspenion e parte eletrica.

Mon Jul 11 2016
libje at
burman gearchange
ariel B 1927
Looking for the gearchange gate for this bike. Had no success and need detailed dimension to make one, Any chance?

Mon Apr 04 2016
goodbell at
wrong date
Ariel WNG
The Ariel wng dated 1943 is not a 43 but a 1940 with frame number 13200 it was the 1598 bike made in a contract of 2700 this is my bike I bought this in 2015 and had it dated by the bsa m20 forum and the Ariel owners club
Steven bell

Fri Feb 27 2015
1947 Ariel Red Hunter VH 500cc
I need an engine 23 tit sprocket and cash assembly
See British forum.
Thu Feb 05 2015
thomasleverone at
Plunger Frame Parts
Ariel NH Red Hunter
I need right and left side Stirrup Arms and two Sliding Members for 1953 NH Plunger Frame.
Wed Dec 24 2014
david.w.webster at
600 square four distributor cap
Ariel 600 square four
I am trying to locate a distributor cap for an Ariel 600 square four, either to borrow (in order to take dimensions) or to buy. Alternatively if anyone has a detail drawing of the cap that would also be a great help.
Thu Oct 16 2014
eelco139 at
Ariel motorcycle
1929 B
Dear Madam, Sir,
I hope this e-mail finds you well.
I'm writing you this from The Netherlands and hope you can help me out or point me in some kind of direction. Let me explain the situation.
My friend Tom owned an Ariel model B from the year 1929. He was so proud of that motorcycle! He restored it himself and it was beautiful. Past tense, because two months ago he had an accidental fire in his garage (something short-circuited). It destroyed lots of stuff that can be replaced, but it also destroyed the motorcycle and that is unreplaceable. One cannot get back the endless hours spent restoring it and the sentiment over this. As you can imagine he's quite devastated.
We as friends cannot bring back his motorcycle, but we do want to do something. What we are looking for is something for him to remember the bike by. Maybe a replica or an engraving (like in glass) or a vintage poster we can put in a frame, anything! So as we don't know anything about motorcycles, we started searching the net for information and found your site. I thought you might be able to help us with this. Do you have any suggestions for us? If so we would be forever in your debt!!
Hope to hear from you and thanks for your efforts.
Eelco Dammers
Wateringen, The Netherlands

Thu Jul 17 2014
robertlund at
1939 or 1940?
ariel va500
did they make this motorcycle in 1940? just trying to clarify. i think mine is a 1939 but cant tell for sure!

Fri Apr 19 2013
production run
ariel ht 350cc
How many 350 ht bikes were manufactured in 1956 /1958 frame no start frame no finish.
Thank you

Sat Jul 06 2013
Clutch for my 1935 Ariel 500cc Red Hunter
Ariel 1935 500 cc Red Hunter
I need a new clutch for my bike. I still have the basket but that is all. Can anyone help?
Northern California

See Ariel-1935-Red-Hunter-500-Cal in the Ariel Owners Gallery

Wed Mar 13 2013
Valves for Ariel 350
1929 Ariel 350 H7330
I need valves for Ariel 350

Mon Mar 04 2013
Ariel Rigid/Plunger
Ariel 1941/1954
I am looking for Ariel gear boxes and Clutch covers with clutch parts, Amal choke levers for both 1941 rigid and 1954 plunger 3.5HP

Mon Dec 03 2012
Want to Buy
Ariel Square 4 Mark II
'58 Ariel 4 port Mark II. Must be in running condition, no basket cases interest me.

Thu Nov 29 2012
pmays44<at>gmaildot com
For Sale
Ariel Leader / Arrow
I have a large volume of Leader / Arrow spares for sale. Please Email me for any part and I will respond with a picture and price - Peter

Thu Aug 23 2012
ARIEL 1916
Hi i have what i think is a 1916 ARIEL it was my late fathers bike and i would like to find out its value . It is in bits at the moment but all parts are meant to be there , if you could contact me i would love to find out , thanks regards Ian.

Sat Oct 20 2012
Crankcase or Engine
Ariel 500 2 cyl HP year 1949
hope somone can help thanks

Thu Oct 25 2012
1950 NH
Ariel NH
looking for contacts for parts--I have a selection of some engine and electrical stuff -random but important if you are looking.
Kelowna, Canada

A scammer replied to this in June 2019, and included a nice pic of someone else's complete Ariel NH.
paul haggis []
I am Paul , just want to know if you are still interested in 1950 NH
parts you requested for , please shoot me an email if you are still interested.

Fri Jul 13 2012
Want To Buy Ariel Square Four under the 53's
Ariel Square Four
Does anyone here have the 51 Ariel Square Four that you want to sell?

Even if you only have the engine and gearbox, please contact me as well.

Sat May 19 2012
Ariel 500 Single
Ariel 500 Single
I have recently acquired a fleet of classics in varying state of disrepair and abuse (4 in total).
The most complete of the lot is an Ariel 500 Single - I have however been unable to confirm the model or year.
What is a definite is that it is a single and a 500 at that.
The frame number is a DU - putting it at 1955 - the log book says 1958 with manufacture date 1957
The engine number is an LL - which when looked up on the web is not mentioned

Does anyone perhaps have some insite to the engine number and as to what model I have.

Many thanks

Sat Jan 21 2012

Ariel Square Four
I have a 1956 engine in a 1959 swingarm frame from a 500 single; haven't tried to start it yet. Located near Buffalo.

Tue Feb 28 2012
Restoration Blog
Ariel Square Four
Some of your readers might be interested in this blog:

Tue Sep 27 2011
1948 Arial Arial
Have been offered a 1948 Arial for $1,000 canadian. Is that a good deal?
Ontario, Canada

Depends. If it's complete and running, probably not. Ed.

Fri Sep 09 2011
Unknown Motorcycle
Rudge? Whitworth
This a picture if my father astride a bike that I think is a Rudge !
Can you help nd confirm what bike it is. The picture was taken 1930 -1935

The bike appears very similar to a 1932 Ariel 350 OHV. Ed.

Mon Aug 29 2011
p.mondon<at>hotmaildot com
looking for
1950 ariel red hunter
My grandfather owned a 1950 square four red hunter with a chrome tank I am looking to buy one in any condition can you help me locate one
sydney Aust

Thu Feb 10 2011
delmer517<at>yahoodot com
Ariel 500 Vh Red Hunter cc1959
Dear Sir.
I have a number of very rusting Ariel 500 Red hunter parts I wish to get rid of. I have an old frame with spoked wheels, two almost complete, but dismantled engines, both with rocker cover mounting holes stripped, and two almost complete gear boxes, again dismantled. I have only the oil tank as body parts. I am prepared for these to go to a good home, such as yourself for no charge. If interested, please contact me...

Yours faithfully.
David Elmer

Sun Jan 16 2011
vette7585<at>yahoodot com
pricing on a 1958
Ariel Ariel Square Four
i am trying to find out what a 1958 Ariel Square Four
is worth as a basket case. my father has owned this since the 60's and it has been apart since the early 70's. would like to find out price as is or how hard is it to find part that it might need and possibly restore it. thank you for your time
i am gathering the parts together and cleaning them up as i go. the engine has been stored in his basement but all other parts are in cold storage and here in minnesota it has been cold until the last few days. here is a pic of the tank, pretty good representation of what most of the parts look like as for shape themy are in. thanks you corey

Thu Dec 30 2010
ca-cooley<at>yahoodot com
ariel square 4
looking to sell my square 4
lancaster , ca

Thu Dec 02 2010
Wanted to buy
Ariel Golden Arrow
Where can I find one of these in good condition. Pref 250 1963. Gavin Antony
New Zealand

Fri Oct 15 2010
Ariel leader years
Ariel leader
How can I find out what year my Ariel Leader is. the frame # T1698/A and the engine number is the same can anyone tell my what year it is. Thank you. Max
Selinsgrove Pa USA

Fri Oct 15 2010
57 "squarriel" values
Ariel Square Four Mark II
Unrestored, looking for values from basket case thru good

Mon Sep 20 2010
prl1<at>skydot com
Ariel Square 4 4F OHV
Hi, does anyone have a front brake plate for a 4F 600cc OHV girder forked rigid motorcycle?
Regards Phil.

Sun Feb 28 2010
alfredo.mattera<at>gmaildot com
Value a Ariel Square 4F 600cc (camshaft)
Ariel 4F 1934
What is the best way to get a rough value for an Ariel as listed?

Fri Jun 25 2010
kdduke47<at>yahoodot com
500 twin port and scrambler parts
ariel 500 red hunter
1947 ariel 500 red hunter twin port and parts lot plus hs scrambler parts. good resto.project
flagstaff, arizona


Mon Feb 08 2010
peters5denn at aoldot com
Patent info plate
1036 Ariel sq4 600CC
I need this patent plate to complete my bike. It is the one that is riveted to the timing cover on the engine. Please Help

Thu Dec 17 2009
supperbohne at yahoodot com
Kurbelwelle + Kolben
Ariel square Four MK 2
ich wollte nur mal Fragen wo ich eine Kurbelwelle & einen Kolben Und zylinder teile Fu&frac14;r Das Motorrad bestellen kann? Könnt ihr mir vielleicht helfen ?

Fri Nov 06 2009
atysoesbergen at gmaildot com
For Sale Ariel 350 1939
Ariel 350 cc ohv de luxe model ng
I would like to know what my bike is worth right now. Please check pics attached. I want to sell it in Spain preferably
Almeria, Spain

Sat Oct 03 2009
tmcfarland at
Ariel colt parts Wanted.
Ariel Colt.
I need an engine sprocket and rocker cover for an Ariel colt.Thanks Tommy.

Fri Sep 18 2009
westbyre at
Ariel Square Four Year
Can any one tell me what this bike is worth as is...and is it a 1954?? I know its and Ariel Square four....It was my husbands who passed away last year...have people interested in it but not sure what year it is...not ceased but have not had it started as yet..
Ont. Canada

(Bike has been sold - Ed)

Wed Jul 22 2009
rowellw at bigponddot com
v twin
ariel ?
Hi, love to find info and photo of later v twin ariel, suspect war years. Have seen one in museum in oz but alas upon return some years later it had moved on, not to be traced, am at a bit of a loss. regards, rowell walton
Queensland..oz You may find the one you're looking for in the Ariel Gallery ...had a good look through the v twins but am unable to see the one I saw in South Australia a few years ago, reckon it was ww11 rather than 20,s,a mate told me he had seen just 1 and he descibed it a bit like a harley, if I had not seen one with mt own eyes I would be thinking I was delusional, seems to be no written record that I have the recourse, have a few oldies I intend to do up when I retire...Rgds Rowell Walton

Wed May 20 2009
xxwhip86xx at livedot com
1958 Ariel Red Hunter Price
Ariel Red Hunter
I have a 1958 Ariel Red Hunter and was wonderimg how much the bikes are worth in good shape.

Sat Apr 18 2009
linkandclaire at
parts or information
ariel arrow leader
Hi I am after any Ariel leader or arrow bits. Or race info port specs crank probs etc. I am in Australia and am happy to pay shipping if anyone can help.
Thanks Link

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Subject: Re: dropbears #33047D0413
linkandclaire at wrote:
Form: DBcontact
subject: herman meier ariel arrow
message: Any info on ariel arrow racing. Thanks Link

April 2009
Bruce Tucker of SA sent this image of his Ariel-powered racing car.

Thu Apr 09 2009
brucetk at
spare pats locations
Ariel Red Hunter 500 mid 50's red Hunter 500cc
hi ther e from Downunder my name is Bruce Tucker of south Australia and I require some spare parts ect can you help me locate sites to buy spares thanks Bruce Tucker South Australia

Try the classic m/c dealers directory at Bikelinks:

Tue Feb 24 2009
jiri.bradka at nsndot com
Ariel - Manx GP1931
Ariel SG 31
Dear friends,
I would like to find some details and photos of Jock Wests machine "Ariel 500 type SG31".
Jock West was team member with Ron Harris (Norton) and Harold Daniel (Norton) on Manx GP 1931.
This Ariel was recently discovered allegedly in Birmingham. I would be grateful for photo or info about history of this motorcycle.

Thanks You for info.
Best Regards
Czech Ariel Owners Motorcycle Club
Jiri Bradka
Vondrousova 35/1187
163 00 PRAHA 6
Czech Republic

Fri Dec 05 2008
heurlin.thierry at
ariel all models

Tue Nov 25 2008
DizzyDeb74354 at hotmaildot com
Ariel Square four
"1954" 1000cc - good shape -need to know what it's worth.

Try the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices. Ed.

Mon Nov 10 2008
paul-home at communicare.ukdot com
Restoration help!
Ariel Sq 4 1953
I purchased a half restored bike, i am now painfully putting it back together! things that should take 5 mins is going into days as i read and reasearch the machine! I really could use some sound advice and pics to guide me of item locations etc. I thank you in advance for your help
London UK

As the engine on your bike appears to be a two-port, that would make it about 1951, not 1953 which is a 4 port model. Ed. .....
Hi thx for the advice!

Log book says its 53? however the engine etc must have been swapped about over the years! let me just check this out a little ! Found it my engine no is TM - making the engine a 1952, possibly not registered until 53?

I will look at posting it here as well thank you

Regards, Paul

Tue Oct 14 2008
I owned this ariel approx forty years it still running and in top condition

Tue Oct 07 2008
redripper67 at junodot com
ariel square four engine
ariel four
I have an ariel square motor and would like to know if anyone has a need for it

Fri Sep 19 2008
paul.hendry at
Ariel Leader Windscreen 1962
Ariel Leader
hi i need to get a replacement windscreen for my 1962 ariel leader can any one help

Fri Sep 12 2008
sar.smith at
bike for sale
1936 arieal
i have a 1936 arieal for sale and wonder which is the best way to go about it it has had some restoring done to it but still needs some

Tue Aug 05 2008
abensheimer at
spare parts
1955 Ariel Sq. Four 4G Mk ll
Just acquired bike and need spare parts. Air cleaner,battery hold down,molding on headlamp nacelle, GOOD CLOSE PICS. of whole bikefor details. Any one who can help with info. Thanks Art
Indiana. USA

Fri Mar 07 2008
chris at cselexdot com
Solex fuel banjo fitting needed
Ariel Sq4
I have a Solex 26 AHD carb and am missing the fuel inlet banjo fitting.
Can anyone help.
thanks very much

Sun Feb 10 2008
jdeeth1 at
Tail light for 1946 Ariel
Ariel 1946
Hi Sheldon,
I am looking for a tail light assembly for my 1946 NG Ariel. It is a chrome bullet shape and it is mounted on top of the number plate.The shape is almost identical to the side lights of the MGTF and there is in fact a conversion getting around albeit somewhat impractical i.e. you would still need to acquire a red lens apart from the purchase price of 155 pounds. It has a slot cut in its base to illuminate the number plate and a hole on top so the rider can tell if the tail light is functioning or not.
Are you aware of a replica being produced? The originals are very rear and almost never advertised.
Brisbane, Australia

Sat Dec 15 2007
stactaylor at gmaildot com
1959 Ariel Leader
Ariel 1959
I have just recently acquired a 1959 Ariel Leader from a friend whose father in England raced it twice before storing it....I am unable to find any information concerning this bike...and I have never seen one like it. Would love any information anyone might have...Thanks

Sat Dec 08 2007
garethlawley at hotmaildot com
hi, can you help me. a friend has asked me to get him address to talk to someone about ariel motorcycles. hes a lover of motorbikes but does not have the internet so would prefer an adress so he could talk to someone about the bikes. what would you recommend. thanks g.lawley
shropshire, uk

Suggest contacting some of the classic clubs, starting probably with the Ariel Owner's Club

Mon Oct 01 2007
sambrustas at
exhaust manifold dome nuts
1953 ariel square four MK II
Can anybody tell me what size the dome nuts are on my ariel exhaust manifolds? They appear to be chrome plated brass 1/4 W x 27 or 29 tpi.
Sam Brustas

Thu Sep 20 2007
sambrustas at
Service Manual
1953 Ariel square Four
Please tell me where I can buy a Service Manual for my '53 Square Four.
Germany Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals
Attached please find two pictures of my Square Four taken earlier this year BEFORE I began the restoration.
It only has 1011 mles on the clock and there was only one previous owner.
Been sitting very neglected in my garage for over 30 years. Last time driven was 1976!!
Sam Brustas

See the Ariel Gallery

Thu Sep 20 2007
jerry.sq4 at
Ariel etc blackburne engine
Ariel & Matchless
I know that Matchless use a Blackburn engine for the 1923 L2 model
I hold an Ariel 249cc side valve Blackburn engine, the timing side have the Ariel logo but the engine is embossed Blackburn, it's a 1924 model ... with this engine I have the gearbox and the petrol tank. If anyone can help for the missing parts another Blackburn can be back on road :-)

Wed Sep 19 2007
info at sjhalesdot com
ariel 1957 red hunter motorcycle
red hunter
we have a good example of an ariel red hunter in our sale on 26th sept.please have a look if interested at many thanks
west country england

Tue Sep 04 2007
sambrustas at
ground polarity
1953 Ariel Square Four (4G)
I have a 1953 Square Four that has been in my barn for over 30 years. I bought it in London back in 1970 and sent it home. Haven't touched it unil recently.
Need to put a new battery into it and think this model was 6V positive ground. Is this correct?

Most early British machines, if not all, were positive earth.
There is more information on our page about British motorcycle electrics.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007
nmilovan at
I have ARIEL motorcycle, I will send you pictures if you can help me finding what model it is and what would its market price be?

The key point may be shock absorber on the front (three springs - one central and two smaller on each side of the central one).

There is a photo of a very similar machine on this page:
Suggest writing to that site. Ed.

Tue Jun 19 2007
4 G square four 1000cc
I need a battery
ohio, ashland

There may be some information on our fledgling page about classic motorcycle electrical components.

Mon Feb 19 2007
warner1 at
54 Ariel Square Four
In a posting back in March, I requested information on pipes bluing on one side of the scooter. I think I have the problem solved. Don Harrell sprays the inside of his pipes with hi=temp ceramic paint, and then uses hi-tepm silicone reuuber sealant when plugging the pipes into the manifold to prevent air leaks. It seems to have worked. Putting my hand near the other side, I can feel exhaust blowing out, and I will probably give the treatment to that side soon as well.
Porterville, CA

Wed Jan 24 2007
toddf at
1948 Red Hunter
HI just wondering what I should pay in Australian Dollars for a fully restored 1948 red hunter your advise is much appreciated. Thanks Todd

Try the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices. Ed.

Sat Jan 13 2007
donny.wirawan at gmaildot com
1953 Ariel NH 350
This one is a 1953 Ariel ratbike named "Gimbal" which is belongs to my brother is the longest-mile & weather proofed bike in Indonesia.
Jakarta, Indonesia

May 07
This is the Ariel "Gimbal",,,and an old small engine frame i'd like to ask you,,,could you please advise me what frame is that ? no number on it. Appreciate your advise, my friend.

See the Ariel Owners Gallery

Fri Jan 05 2007
alan.introna at rehaudot com
Technical Manual
1947 Ariel Square 4, 1000cc Engine DK 833
Looking for Technical manual and info to restore and repair.
South Sfrica

Sun Dec 31 2006
leydon at
solex carburettor
ariel 1952 square 4
i am looking for a banjo assembly for a solex carburettor model 26 a.h.d.

At least one vintage carburretor dealer listed in Bikelinks has Solex parts.

Sun Dec 31 2006
leydon at
solex carburettor
ariel 1952 square 4
i am looking for a banjo assembly for a solex carburettor model 26 a.h.d.

Sat Dec 16 2006
eloiduez at hotmaildot com
ariel arrow racing;;
hello, research all parts racing, tank aluminium, etc, photographs racing of ariel arrow, thank you

Thu Nov 30 2006
lindemannp at
Ariel club of America
Ariel Square Four
Can you tell me if there is an Ariel Club of America? Thanks I appreciate it. Tommy

There is a North American Ariel Owners Club listed at Bikelinks in the Ariel Section:

Fri Nov 17 2006
illa-jogarao at hotmaildot com
who was the British customiser?
Ariel single 1951 engine
I have an ariel which has possibly been customised by some british firm in the 50s. The rigid end has been converted into a swing arm and the seating of the tool box has also been altered. The rear mudguard has no separate number plate bolted on. Instead the regn. number is painted on the flattened end of the rear mudguard. See attached pics
Can anyone identify it?

A similar ariel was featured in a british classic bike mag but i cant recall the issue or
the year it appeared

Thank you for your prompt reply. I am unable to tell you the month or even the year of the issue in which the article appeared and i appreciate that it will certainly be very difficult for anyone to locate the said article with such sketchy information

I am attaching pictures of the ariel special and hope that somebody might recognise it.

Thanks and regards

Joga Rao

Fri Nov 03 2006 at
carb to airbox rubber wanted
1954 ariel red hunter 350 nh
Could anyone help in the locating a new rubber for carbureter to airbox please.I have tried all usual jap bike rubbers and not suitable as ariel is off set.
new zealand

Thu Oct 26 2006
kweiss at
Two Ariel Motorcycles
Ariel 350 cc
I have parts for two Ariel motercycles (both 350 cc twin) approx 1950 Ariel (80%complete) and approx 1930 Ariel (75% complete)

Frames, engines in bits, forks, bits of tin etc.

My wife says sell!! Any idea of approximate value?

Try the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices. Ed.

Thu Oct 05 2006
rajivkc at gmaildot com
Ariel Twin port
Early 50s
Hi ,
In the process if restoring an ariel twin port and not too sure about the model 350cc or 500cc .Has A8-135-JS on the barrell.In fact numbers are worn out and not too sure if its A8 or AB.Any help in indetifying its cc would be of great assitance


Tue Sep 19 2006
Azo at
Rocker spindle
Hi, I have a 1935 ariel red hunter. I need a rocker spindle - grease fed rocker system to get it going properly again. Thanks, alistair
I'm working out of town (away from my bike) til next monday. I can send you a pic then. The bike has never bgeen restored, and its seventy one years old, so it's not incredibly pretty to look at, but it has a lot of character and is much loved. It probably draws more looks at rallys than the restored bikes of it's age because it has so much character and because 71 unrestored and running is a rare combination.

Alistair Bell. NRCMCC (Northern Rivers Classic Motorcycle Club)
Attaching pic of my 1935 RH 500.

The bike is running, but the exhaust rocker spindle is broken leaving hardly
any thread to tighten the clamp nut.

I'd be grateful for any help in tracking down a spindle. The spindles for
these grease fed rockers are different to the ones on the enclosed (oil fed)
rockers found on Ariels from around 1940 on.

Alistair Bell

Sat Sep 09 2006
Timing chain cover w/patent tag
1936 ARIEL SQ4
This is the only thing I am missing on this bike is the riveted on patent label to the timing cover would buy the whole cover to get this tag

Tue Jun 20 2006
jimdunlop at
Service Manual
1958 Ariel 4G MK II
I'm a new owner. Bike is almost complete but needs restoring. I have owners guide, but would like service manual.
Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada

Image supplied, see Ariel Gallery

Tue Jul 25 2006
soundcentar at yahoodot com
Ariel Red Hunter VH 500
Hello! I have Ariel Red Hunter VH 500, 1951, in running condition, for sale, asking 4000 euros. Best regards, Zoran
Novi Sad, SR

Tue May 02 2006
mickeyrowell at
Ariel 500cc Single c1939-1946
Here are some photos of the bike. (attached) It is a rigid Ariel, 500 single with dual exhausts. I believe it to be a 1946 or 1939. A number off the cylinder head reads "M013749" I'm looking for pushrods, pushrod tubes, cylinder to case nuts, cylinder head bolts and gasket, rocker box bolts, primary chain, and primary chain cover bolts and exhaust valve guide.

I know this sounds like a lot of little things, hard to find without specifics about the model, but the bike was disassembled along with others by my father who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. These are the things we have been unable to sort out and find in his piles of parts. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you, Mickey Rowell

By 1946 the Red Hunters had telescopic forks, so I suspect yours is pre-war. More accurate identification may be possible if you can supply the engine and frame numbers. Ed.

Wed May 03 2006
hawken-arg at hotmaildot com
Ariel Red Hunter
Necesito saber si el numero de motor y chassis corresponden y de que auo es
Frame Nu SS312
Engine Nu DJ847. Gracias

Translation: I need to know if the I number of motor and chassis correspond and that year is Frame Nu SS312...

There is an excellent explanation of Ariel serial numbers at the Redhunter site. Ed.

Tue May 02 2006
rgervais at
Ariel 1943
How much can I expect to pay for a running Ariel 1943. Pipes, seat and gaz tank are not original. I've attached a picture. It is in running condition. How much do you think this would be worth?

Ariel Military Gallery

Wed Apr 19 2006
terence at polywebinternationaldot com
Ariel Square Four parts
OHV Square fours
I have an up and running '55 Square Four mk2: great bike! I just also acquired an abandoned project - a pre-war rolling chassis with both alloy and iron 2 pipe engine parts, an exploded drawing in a box. Not an easy job to finish this one: I need a conrod and some valve gear in particular, but any engine parts would be welcome. I'll swap or sell bits or even swap the lot for a pre-war single in running order.

Sun Apr 09 2006
carreiranidia at hotmaildot com
Ariel The Red Hunter V.H. 500 cc
Hi I was wondering if you have antique gas caps. I cant find one for my Ariel which was made in 1949. I was also wondering if you would have a muffler for that motorcycle. Thank you very much and please e-mail me back.
New Jersey

Sat Mar 25 2006
warner1 at
overheating mystery
Ariell Sq.4 - 4G Mk.II
Note bluing on RH side only. Only one carb.

Bill Warner, Porterville, Calif. USA

Image supplied - see the Ariel Owners Gallery

Thu Mar 16 2006
dodgyfreeloader at
1927 ariel
i have a 1927 sv ariel and would like a complete motor less carb and mag have 28 and 29 motors to trade

Tue Mar 14 2006
dbocian at
Ariel identification
my father has a very old ariel he believes its late 20's or early 30's, how can I go about identifying this motorcycle so we can start to rebuild it, all we have is the bike so I'd like to find a manual then parts for a full restoration,
thank you

  • Please supply engine number, frame number and photograph. Ed.

Mon Feb 20 2006
cheezehead140 at wmconnectdot com
1957 Ariel Huntmaster 650 twin
Currently looking for a gas tank for a 1957 ariel huntmaster 650 twin. I would like it to be in good to excellent shape if possible. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Any other parts availible would be also nice to know about
oshkosh,WI USA

Tue Feb 14 2006
ivorp at tbfthompsondot com
Ariel. NH
Ihave an ariel nh, registered June 1954, in original condition. Engine no A8 135, Frame no KS 3956. What value.
N. Ireland.

Fri Feb 10 2006
george-niles at
Ariel Motorcycle Identification Assistance
Can someone identify this bike? I think this is a 1931 or a 1934 Ariel Sloper.
Denver, Colorado, USA

Ariel 1950s, Colorado

Sun Feb 05 2006
acorn243 at hotmaildot com
How much would an a 1953 Ariel Square four in good condition be worth?
New Zealand

Sat Feb 04 2006
cttc90 at aimdot com
1958 Ariel Red Hunter
My Nephew's Father-in-Law has a 1958 Ariel Red Hunter 650 Twin that he has restored to original. He would like to sell it but has no idea of a proper asking price. Do you know what a fair market value for this particular platform would be? Thanks. Bob III
Alaska, USA

Sat Jan 21 2006
pmacallum at hotmaildot com
Re:enclosed Ariel photo
Good day,
Enclosed is a photo of my father with his Ariel and sidecar. Is it possible to provide specs and vintage from this shot. Maybe someone has a trained eye. I believe this is postwar late 40's. Would love any info possible
Cheers, Paul Macallum, Canada.

The bike appears to be an NH Hunter c1949. . Thankyou for such a prompt reply. I have upped the resolution. This is a scan of a black and white so not sure how much improvement of definition there is by increasing pixel count. I hope this helps. Looking forward to any info you can provide.

Can't get any closer I'm afraid, Paul, except that I'm reasonably confident that the sidecar is a Swallow (better known these days as the Jaguar firm).

Ariel 1949 RH Hunter Swallow Combination

Wed Jan 11 2006
mb8704 at hotmaildot com
1956 Ariel Sq. 4
Hi All,
I have a 1956 Ariel Sq.4 in very good condition with a fully documented history. The engine has been rebuilt and the tank re-painted, seat re-covered and some chrome work. Other than that the bike and paint are original. Could you please offer me you respected opinion on what the bike may be worth. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Thanks Mike

Thu Nov 10 2005
matthew.lacey at
kg special Cheers.

Sun Oct 23 2005
loxnancy at
Late '40's/early '50's Ariel single seat. I recall it had crossed rifles/"RH" on a Rh drive case and they were red in colour.
It had tons of grunt and was extremely reliable - had it for a few years. Can you help put an identity on it?
I should never have sold it. I live in Ontario, Canada. I've always thought it was a 500 but I wonder.

Thu Sep 29 2005
awful1 at aoldot com
1939 1000cc ariel
i had a 1939 ariel 1000cc
my dad sold gave it away!
i worked on it for 3 years--i never got to ride it --anyone know where i could even see one? it was my dream machine--and one day it was gone---finally got a harley -30 yrs later-better than nothing-

Mon Sep 19 2005
tlarge at
Ariel motorcycle parts
I am looking for a pair of alloy transmission covers for a 1937 600cc VB SV single cylinder, Rigid frame.
Can anyone help me.

Mon Sep 12 2005
rhfindlay at hotmaildot com
Ariel 500cc twin
I am in Australia and looking for a decent gearbox for my 500cc twin, circa 1950

Thu Apr 07 2005
casselstine at
Ariel motorcycle tool kit
Have what I beleive is an old Ariel bike toolkit. There is one spanner (for hub) that is marked ARIEL, another tool is stamped Dunlop for tire repair. Kit also contains some Whit spanners and several open end spark plug type wrenches. Kit also has old Lucas spark plug. The pouch is canvas. Wonder if this was a war years tool kit? Paul.

January 1st 2005

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Ariel Square Four, 1952
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October 11, 2002
My friend has a Ariel 500, 1945, two port. We think it is a VH or VG model...
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August 9, 2002
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April 24, 2001
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June 3, 2001
Does anybody know anything about a ariel 3 50cc trike/scooter 3 wheeler...

This is actually a BSA. Ed.

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