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Ariel Motor Cycles for 1913

Ariel 1913 6 h.p. and 3½ h.p.

Three types of Ariel motor cycles will be marketed in 1913. The 3½ h.p. roadster type will be obtainable in three models, the T. T. racer in two models, and an addition to the ranks is a 6 h.p. twin cylinder with two-speed gear, free engine and chain drive, which should appeal to sidecarists. The bicycles will be supplied with free engines and three-speed gears. in addition to the well-tried Ariel decompressor, the three-speeders will have a new kick-starter, enabling the engine to be started with the wheels on the ground.

The frame has been redesigned and the wheelbase lengthened. A new front fork is also fitted, as well as oil-retaining and wet-proof hubs: - The magneto is now controlled by a handle-bar lever. The front footrests are adjustable, and will be made in two lengths.

Source: The Motor Cycle, via Boston City Library

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