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Ariel Motorcycles 1935

Vintage British Motorcycles of the 1930s

For 1935, Ariel offered the following models:

Square Four 600 4F 4-Speed

Red Hunter 500 VH 4-Speed

Red Hunter 350 NH 4-Speed

Red Hunter 250 LH 4-Speed

O.H.V, de Luxe 500 VG 4-Speed

O.H.V. Standard 500 VF3 3-Speed

O.H.V. Standard 500 VF4 4-Speed

O.H.V. Standard 350 NF3 3-Speed

O.H.V. Standard 350 NF4 4-Speed

O.H.V. Standard 250 LF3 3-Speed

O.H.V. Standard 250 LF4 4-Speed

S.V. de Luxe 550 VB 4-Speed

S.V. Standard 550 VA3 3-Speed

S.V. Standard 550 VA4 4-Speed