1941 Ariel Model WD/NG

1941 Ariel Model WD/NG
Sold For £5,060

Reg Number: LGP 621
Frame Number: 24489
Engine Number: 15725
Body Colour: MOD Green
Cc: 348
MOT ExpiryDate: June 2011
Ariel are believed to have built approximately 47,500 examples of the WD/NG between 1940 and the end of hostilities making them the fourth largest supplier of motorcycles to the British and Empire armed forces during the Second World War. The model was derived from a machine ridden by the Ariel works rider Fred Povey in the 1938 SSDT from which it inherited its excellent ground clearance and off road capability. The engine was derived from the civilian NG 350cc over head valve single running a lower compression ratio and with softer valve timing. An iron head and barrel were employed as was a magdyno. Power was transmitted via a dry clutch to a Burman four speed gearbox. The frame was equipped with extended girder forks with the speedometer mounted on top of them instead of the tank top as had been the case with the civilian machines. An ammeter was fitted, together with the lighting switch, in the headlamp shell. Panniers were fitted as standard as was a pillion pad and the machine was finished in an all over coat of khaki paint. In use it proved to be capable of 70 mph and could cruise at 55mph indefinitely.

The example offered is described as being in good condition having been rebuilt during 1973/74 and subsequently maintained to a good standard. It is presented wearing the Divisional sign for the 47th London "Bowbells" and the Unit sign for the 634 Company of the RASC. A Swansea V5C, Buff logbook dating from its "demob" in 1950, current MOT and valid road fund licence are included with the motorcycle as is a spare engine and gearbox.

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