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1923 Gnome & Rhone Type B

1923 Gnome & Rhone Type B

500cc Sidevalve

This Gnome & Rhone belt-drive motorcycle is a very rare model in France. Earlier Gnome & Rhone motorcycles were actually ABC machines made under license, but this model was the first made by the company.

Gnome & Rhone was an aircraft manufacturer. (In fact, Daimler, under BSA, manufactured the 80hp Gnome engines for the aviation industry during WW1). All G&R products were manufactured to the highest standards, and this fabulous 89-year-old machine is no exception.

This ‘Type B’ is an older restoration which is still in excellent condition, with new tyres. It is owned by my French friend Alain. He has not started it, but reports that it has a good spark at the mag. There are no documents.

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