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Ivy 1923 Two-Stroke

The Ivy Two Stroke
S. A. Newman Ltd. Ivy Works, Aston Cross, Birmingham, England.

The Aristocrat of its Type

THE "IVY" Two Stroke Motor Cycle was introduced to the public in 1913 and is giving satisfaction all over the world. The equipment throughout is the very best procurable, and the machine can be relied upon to give satisfaction under arduous conditions. Those parts which we do not manufacture our selves are the product of famous British speciality firms. The machine shown hereunder is our "All Purpose Model de Luxe." We shall at all times be pleased to answer enquiries concerning the shipment of a machine to any part of the world, and Our current catalogue can be obtained on receipt of post card. Applications for Agencies from bona-fide Motor Traders will receive our earnest consideration.

Adapted from an image made available thanks to Boston City Library

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