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Ivy Motorcycles by S. A. Newman

Ivy motorcycles were produced from 1910 to 1931 in Aston Cross, Birmingham.

  • 1910 The make was first listed late that year. The model had a 3.5 Precision engine, belt drive and sprung forks. Over the next few years it was joined by other singles and V-twins.

    1913 Newman was a regular competitor in the TT, and that year gained third place in the Junior.

    1914 A 225cc Peco two-stroke was listed.
    Ivy 1914

  • 1915-1916 The four-strokes now had JAP engines.

    Post-war, they appeared again with 225cc and 349cc two-stroke models. Gradually they were given more speeds and all-chain drive.
    Ivy 1921

    1923 A 198cc two-stroke was added, and also a 348cc four-stroke.
    Ivy 1923

    1925 The company concentrated mainly on the four-stroke, although the 225cc two-stroke continued. One model had an ohv engine.

    1928 The firm produced a two-model range of the Popular. This was probably because the company had over-extended itself financially.

    1931 That range, with a 247cc two-stroke engine and the Model X with a 292cc JAP engine, ran on until that year.

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