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Ivy Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

According to Tragatsch, the Ivy machines were made in Aston Cross, Birmingham, England 1908 to 1932. However, Gavin Newman gives the dates as 1907-1934. He also mentions that in addition to building some 6000 motorcycles, the firm manufactured its own front suspension, carburettors and sidecars.

H. C. Newman was a successful motorcycle racer, winning many local events and finishing well in the Isle of Man TT races several times. An Ivy racing sidecar broke seven world records at Brooklands in 1913.

The Newman brothers' first machines had Precision, watercooled Green-Precision and JAP proprietary engines. The two-stroke engines were of 225cc and 296cc. After 1919 there were also 246cc and 346cc versions with outside flywheels. After an interruption of some years, Ivy returned to motorcycle production with 248cc two-strokes and 293cc JAP sidevalve singles.

An H.C. Newman-designed 677cc V-twin was used in the first Martinsyde.

The 1924 models were available with 349cc and 297cc single-cylinder SV engines, Sturmey Archer gearbox, Dunlop 26 x 2 1/2 cord tyres and mechanical oiling (as opposed to a hand pump).

Sources: Tragatsch, Wikipedia, Gavin Newman, Graces Guide.

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The Ivy Karryall used Raleigh components. Raleigh began manufacturing these under their own name in 1931.

bsag14 at hotmail.com
I got a carrier with two toolboxes. In a leather lid is pressed text "the ivy".
It's a surplus item .Contact me if interested.
Kari Murto
Suomi Finland
chris.knight at staustellbrewery.co.uk
Ladies IVY 1922
Further to my message on your boards of Tue Jul 01 2014, just a quick note to let you know that I have indeed located AF5753 originally owned by the Hicks Brewery family and she is now making her way back to the Brewery, fully restored, for display purposes!
Chris Knight
St Austell

    Ivy-1922-Ladies-AF5753 posted to Comments.

natasjakolenbrander at home.nl
The IVY 2-stroke motor cycle Ladies Model D
Hallo ik zou graag wat informatie willen hebben over deze motor, maar ik kan er haast niks over vinden.
Hi I would like to have some information about this engine, but I can hardly find anything about it.
Natasja Kolenbrander
Tue Jul 01 2014
knightc at staustellbrewery.co.uk
Trying to find:
IVY 224cc ladies model
Trying to locate AF5753, an Ivy 224cc Ladies model. Used to be owned by Hicks family in Cornwall. Would love to trace current owner.
St Austell, Cornwall

Tue Oct 04 2011
gavinnewman<at>emaildot com
Ivy Motorbikes
I have put most of the information I have on Wikipedia. You could add some of it to this page.

Sat Jan 29 2011
Ivy 224
Thought this may interest on our site. www.realcar.co.uk
Bethesda Wles


Thu Sep 09 2010
weirdant<at>ca.rrdot com
2 women on an Ivy/Racing?
Ivy OA5763 or DA5763-numbers on front fender
I have this old negative with two women on a bike called the Ivy. Can you tell me anything about this photo?

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