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Ivy 1924 224cc

A delightful, correct, unmolested motorcycle, typical of its time, but unusual in make. The engine is a two stroke, 224cc single, which starts easily and runs well, following light re-commissioning after twenty years of storage. Officially known as ìThe Ivyî, and as well as painted onto the fuel tank, this is also embossed on the saddle and the panniers. Belt drive, three speed lever change and dual-operated, foot and handlebar rear brake all add to the character of the bike. Comes with the original 1924 logbook, as well as a later Swansea registration document.

Frame No. 5501. Reg No. YA 8786.

Snippets: Colias Croceus & Princess Pocahontas

Owned by the Rev John Denny Gedge of Cothelstone Vicarage in Taunton who in 1941 noticed that in the middle of June he noticed a Colias Croceus in his garden, apparently this was early for these butterflies (Clouded Yellow) to appear! There is a record of another Rev J. D. Gedge being resident in Methwold in 1873. According to Kelly's the town itself had a population of 962 with a further 301 residents on the Fen. Thirty years later in 1903 this particular Reverend had moved to Coston in Leicester & later took his retirement in Gravesend where he lived with his son - the Rev Canon E. L. Gedge, known as ìthe Blind Vicar. Gravesend Churchyard happens to be the resting place of Princess Pocahontas, daughter of the Red Indian Chief Pocahattan whose territory included the site of New York. In the 1921 issue of The Motor Cycle there was only a single secondhand IVY motorcycle for sale at the grand sum of 45gns!

Image and description courtesy The Real Car Company

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