European Motorcycles

Pasco 1920 Specification



Carburettor - Latest Type Amac.

Extra Tool Box - For reairing outfit, &c.

Frame - Made of highest grade extra heavy
tubing, low and easy natural riding position.

Front Fork - Druid Mark II (extra heavy).

Finish - Black with gold lines and white wheels, Nickel trimmings.

Ignition - Enclosed Dixie or E.I.C., dust and water proof.

Lubricator - Best & Lloyd.

Motor - 6 h.p. "J.A.P." Bore, 76m/m. Stroke, 85 m/m. Cubical capacity, 770.

Petrol Tank - Extra heavy gauge, will not
rust, capacity 2 1/4 galls.; double tank 3 galls.

Oil tank affixed to seat tube, capacity 1 gall.

Patent Locking Device - Which permits
of the machine being locked on stand.

Silencer - Two designs, Improved Bottle Type
and J.A.P. Standard Silencer.

Transmission - 1 in. Dunlop or Pedley Belt

Wheels and Tyres - 26 x 3.

Trifles make perfection, but perfection is no trifle!

Apply this to the present day Motocycles - study the advanced design and lines of the "PASCO," look deeply into the details - the trifles - some people would say, and there is only one conclusion you can arrive at - the "PASCO" is no trifle, in fact, it assuredly is, "PERFECTION," in other words - "A MASTERPIECE."