Pasco Motorcycles

Pasco Motorcycles

Manufactured by McCrae & Pascoe, 242 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Pasco 1920 770cc JAP V-Twin

The Pasco, another Australian-built Machine, following American lines but embodying British components.

The second machine is a J.A.P.-engined model known as the Pasco, and is manufactured by Messrs. McCrae and Pasco, 242, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, Victoria.

The frame, it will be observed, has a curved top tube, and possesses graceful lines, while Druid forks are fitted. The mudguards are wide and have deep valances. The lubrication is by a force feed pump combined with a drip feed attached to the lubricating oil tank fitted to the rear, behind the saddle tube, while the transmission is chain-cum-belt through a Sturmey-Archer gear.

Several patents have been incorporated in the Pasco, namely, a patent toolcase underneath the carrier, and a locking device consisting of two lugs brazed to the stand and joined to the stays so that a padlock can be passed through without there being any necessity to use a chain.

The frame is enamelled in black, and the tank black with gold lines, while the wheels are white with gold lines.

Source: The Motor Cycle, July 29th, 1920

Leon Mitchel writes, "The illustration above was published in The Motor Cycle in July 1920, and is reproduced from a scrapbook in the VVMCCSA library. The machine is essentially the A.G. Healing 'kit' common to many local manufacturers (my Blue Bird is an example), with a 6 HP (770 cc) JAP motor and Sturmey Archer CS gearbox."

An article on the Melbourne Motor Show of 1924 says that McCrae & Pascoe displayed 39 solo models, but makes no mention of the Pasco. See McCrae & Pascoe.

NOTICE is hereby given, that the PARTNERSHIP heretofore subsisting between Stanley John Samuel Pascoe and Harry Aaron Goldman, carrying on business as vendors of motor cycles and accessories at Number 242 Elizabeth street, Melbourne, under the style or firm of CON McCRAE and PASCOE, has been DISSOLVED by mutual consent as from the ninth day of March, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-one. All debts owing to the late firm will be received by the said Stanley John Samuel Pascoe and Harry Aaron Goldman. The said business will, from that date, be carried on under the same firm name by the said Harry Aaron Goldman and Frances Elizabeth Dillon.

Dated the 30th day of May, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-one.


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