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It can truthfully be said that in the design and construction of the "PASCO," every detail, every screw and every nut has received the most careful consideration. It possesses many distinctive and immensely practical features, some of which are exclusively "PASCO."

It is the last word in solid reliability - a mount capable of going anywhere and doing anything, and is designed to enable a natural riding position, much appreciated on long distance runs. An exclusive and particularly valuable feature of the "PASCO" is the Patent Tool Chest which is constructed and fitted in such a manner that it is absolutely impossible for the tools to "rattle." Unsightly and inconvenient leather tool bags have been entirely eliminated.

Another feature of the "PASCO" the Patent Locking Device which permits of the machine being locked on the stand without the aid of a chain. A separate oil tank and a double petrol tank enclosing the top tube are fitted to all models. The latter possesses an advantage over the single tank, inasmuch as one side may be held in reserve, or should one become damaged, the other is then available.

An extra tool box which is placed in a most convenient position on the top of the petrol tank is also a standard fitment.

The thorough elegance of its finish, and the refined good taste of all its appointments, make the "PASCO" - Masterpiece, the CLASSIC MOTOCYCLE, all because it is built up to an IDEAL - not to a PRICE!


are specially designed for the Connoisseur. Experts consider the PASCO-Masterpiece the "King of all Motocycles." It is the result of practical knowledge combined with the technical skill of Expert Engineers.

The selection of the best material; adherence to the closest standards; the employment of skilled mechanics and the development of improvements and refinements, are the fundamental principles that are responsible for the extraordinary demand for the "PASCO" - THE MASTERPIECE OF MODERN MOTOCYCLE PRODUCTION.

Model A. - Fixed Drive.

Fitted with Dunlop "Railroad " 26 x 3

Model B. - 3-Speed.

Fitted with Sturmey Archer Gear Box, and 26 x 3 Dunlop "Railroad" Tyres.


Carburettor - Latest Type Amac.

Extra Tool Box - For repairing outfit, &c.

Frame - Made of highest grade extra heavy tubing, low and easy natural riding position.

Front Fork - Druid Mark II (extra heavy). Finish - Black with gold lines and white wheels, Nickel trimmings.

Ignition - Enclosed Dixie or E.I.C., dust and water proof.

Lubricator - Best & Lloyd.

Motor - 6 h.p. "J.A.P." Bore, 76 m/m. Stroke, 85 m/m. Cubical capacity, 770.

Petrol Tank - Extra heavy gauge, will not rust, capacity 2¼ galls.; double tank 3 galls.
Oil tank affixed to seat tube, capacity 1 gall.

Patent Locking Device - Which permits of the machine being locked on stand.

Silencer - Two designs, Improved Bottle Type and J.A.P. Standard Silencer.

Transmission - 1 in. Dunlop or Pedley Belt

Wheels and Tyres - 26 x 3.

Trifles make perfection, but perfection is no trifle!

Apply this to the present day Motorcycles - study the advanced design and lines of the "PASCO," look deeply into the details - the trifles - some people would say, and there is only one conclusion you can arrive at - the "PASCO" is no trifle, in fact, it assuredly is, "PERFECTION," in other words - "A MASTERPIECE."

Source: Posted to Early Motorcycle Literature by Dean Smallcombe.