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Radco 1922 Chain Drive Two-stroke



Novel Points in New Suspension System. New Chain-driven Model.

CHAIN-DRIVEN Radco two-stroke lightweights will make their first appearance at Olympia. The new transmission is neatly carried out,, and a most effective external contracting rear brake has been designed in conjunction therewith.

The 247 c.c. engine remains unchanged ; but the tanks of all the models are now finished with a black instead of a silver-grey background.

During 1922 only the sporting model was marketed as a sidecar outfit ; next year there will be a touring outfit as well.

Brake Improvement.

On the remaining belt-driven machine the rear brake has been much improved ; it now acts inside the V of the belt rim instead of outside, and the pedal and rod are considerably neater.

Wider mudguards and the substitution of footboards where footrests were previously fitted complete the list of changes to the various forms of the standard model.

Something quite new, however, is a spring frame Radco. It is novel by reason of the fact that the hinge occurs in front of the gear box and the two supporting coil springs are normally in tension instead of in compression. The design on the whole appears to have great possibilities, and not the least of its merits is its unobtrusive symmetry.

E. A. Radnall and Co., Vauxhall Works, Dartmouth Street, Birmingham, are the makers of this well-tried and most successful lightweight two-stroke.

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