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Radco Motorcycles 1921/1922


Radco 1922 2½hp Lightweight Sidecar

The 2½ h.p. Radco lightweight outfit is distinguished by a sporting little sidecar, possessing good luggage accommodation in spite of its light weight.

Radco Refinements

A Larger Engine, a Bijou Sidecar, and a Lady's Two-speed Model.

THE most important alteration to the Radco models lies in the fact that the bore and stroke of the engine have been increased to 57 x 70 mm. (247 c.c). The No. 1 model is now fitted with inverted lever controls. Best and Lloyd sight-feed drip lubrication, a modified internal exhaust release, and a neat chain guard : aluminium footboards, Druid forks, C.A.V. or Runbaken magneto, and 24x2¼ in. tyres complete the specification; though a purple tank, with black and gold lining, is now standard.

Choice of Gears.

This machine may be obtained either single-geared, with plain two-speed, or with clutch and kick-starter. Fitted with a very neat sporting sidecar, the little machine is one of the lightest forms of passenger machine in existence, and for dual work a three-speed Burman gear box is recommended.

A second model, with petroil lubrication, 24x2in. tyres, and footrests, instead of footboards, may also be obtained with various forms of transmission : and it is hoped that this machine will sell at an attractively moderate figure.

An Open Frame Model.

The lady motor cyclist who desires an open frame mount has not been forgotten, nor has the need for adequate dress guards on this type of machine. A neat design of frame has been evolved, and, by inclining the engine, it is kept well out of the way of the rider's skirts without being inaccessible. A metal shield extends downward from the tank in the rear of the engine, and both belt and primary chain are similarly adequately protected.

A Burman lightweight two-speed gear box, with kick-starter a commendable feature on a lady's mount is fitted, and, otherwise, the machine follows the lines of the standard Radcos.

The Motor Cycle


Radco 1921 Lady's Model

A lightweight for ladies - the 2½ h.p. Radco.


A feature of the Radco exhibit will be a neat little machine especially manufactured for riders of the fair sex. The weight will be no more than 150 lb., and it will have a very low saddle position. 24x2in. tyres are used, and special quickly detachable dressguards are fitted. In common with other models, the 2½ h.p. Radco two-stroke engine (67 x 70 mm. bore and stroke = 247 c.c.) is used. This engine is somewhat larger than that used in previous models, though it retains most of the original features. Amongst other de- tails are the neatly enclosed exhaust release leading to the exhaust port. Several variations on the standard machine are available, and single geared, two-speed, and two-speed with clutch and kick-starter are made. In addition, a light sidecar outfit with three-speed gear may be shown.

The Motor Cycle, November 24th 1921


Radco 1922 2½hp Model

With this low-built and fairly roomy sidecar, the 2½ h.p. Radco is converted into an attractive light passenger machine

RADCO. (Stand 37.)

  • 2½ H.P. MODEL.- 67x70 mm. (247 c.c.); single-cyl. two-stroke; sight drip feed lubrication; B. and B. carb.; chain-driven mag.; Burman 3-sp. gear; clutch and kick starter; chain-cum-belt drive; 24x2¼ in. tyres. Price, solo £42.

E. A. Radnall and Co., Dartmouth Street, Birmingham.

Last year the Radco was shown for the first time with an engine of slightly increased capacity, but even now, at 247 c c it is by no means an oversize in two-stroke lightweights. The design of the whole machine is also on the simplest lines, and, therefore, the small sidecar outfit exhibited must necessarily be among the lightest and least complicated at the Show. It is by no means the least fully equipped, however; nor is the sidecar fitted the most absurdly small The body has an extremely rakish appearance, accounted for by its low position on an outfit with only 24in. wheels. A surprisingly capacious locker is embodied in the streamline tail, and aluminium disc wheels and an M-L Maglita add to the usefulness and completeness of the specification.

Another new departure for this year is the ladies' open frame model, which differs from the above by having an inclined engine, dressguards over the belt and power unit, and a two-speed Burman gear box with clutch and kick starter. This model is priced at £57 15s.

Also shown is a utility model, in several variations, with petroil lubrication. In all, nine models are staged.

The Motor Cycle, December 1st 1921