Radco Motorcycles of 1919

Radco 1919 211cc

The Radco two-stroke model, fitted with two-speed countershaft gear.


An Efficient Two-stroke Lightweight.

ONE of the best known of the lower-priced lightweights before the war was the 2 1/4 h.p. Radco, which, despite its exceedingly low price, was quite an efficient little machine. For example, we recall that it was entered in several competitions, and almost invariably obtained an award. This consistent good running of the engine may have been responsible for the honour it received by being copied so closely by a well-known American concern.

The 1919 model is very little altered, except that Druid forks are now fitted in place of the more simple Radco type embodied in the earlier models, while the weight is approximately 100 lb. 26 X 2in. wheels with beaded edge Clincher de Luxe tyres are standard.

With the exception of the magneto, the engine and its equipment remain as before. The bore and stroke are 62 mm. and 70 mm., the capacity being 211 c.c. The lubrication is by sight drip feed, the oil being carried to the induction pipe. The single-speed and two-speed models are offered at 36 and 43 guineas respectively.

The makers are Messrs. E. A. Radnall and Co., Vauxhall Works, Dartmouth Street, Birmingham.

The Motor Cycle, March 6th, 1919.