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1950 Vincent Comet Series C

Introduced in 1949 and only available in Series C form, the Vincent Comet and Meteor was to the single cylinder motorcycle range, what the Black Shadow and Rapide were to the twins. Conceived as a high speed sporting single, the Comet was built to represent the ultimate stage in the development of the production 500cc motorcycle. Vincent were renowned for their exacting standards and offered many of the same features and refinements from their twin cylinder models on their more affordable single cylinder range. The new models power unit was clearly derived from the twin cylinder models with the rear cylinder being replaced by a frame tie that also supported the four speed Burman gearbox. In most other respects the Comet followed the twin cylinder models, although the brake drums were plain and the Girdraulic spring boxes had only the outer springs. When tested in 1949, the series C Comet was praised for both its excellent handling and braking (thanks to powerful drum brakes), as well as a highly reputable 88mph top speed. The combination proved successful and the Comet was seen as a more refined machine its rivals, the BSA and Velocette, placing it at the forefront of its class.

Text courtesy H&H Auctions

New Zealand Classic Motorcycles

The museum formerly at Napier housed an extraordinary collection. It has moved to the home of the World's Fastest Indian.

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