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Quirk's Mona Motorcycles

Manufactured by Quirks Lighting & Engineering Ltd, Belmont Street, Alexandria NSW. (1913 - 1915)
Showrooms at 117 Pitt Street, Sydney.

Quirk's Mona was built during the early years of WWI. Everything including the 4½ h.p. 496cc sidevalve flat-twin engine was built in-house, with the exception of the Druid-style "Peerless" forks which were sourced from Healing & Co in Melbourne. A 2-speed clutchless countershaft gear was fitted standard, with a 3-speed gearbox and kickstart as an option.

Saward suggests that the name is derived from the Latin and Gaelic name "Mona's Isle" - The Isle of Man.

An example was auctioned by Webb's in New Zealand in 2012. It had been part of the Paddy Ryan collection and is thought to be the sole survivor of the 90 or so motorcycles built. It was fairly complete, and the lot included the remains of a second machine. Engine numbers are 272 and 397, and the complete machine was fitted with Maplestone forks, rather than the Peerless which appeared on machines pictured in advertisements.

Considerable interest will be aroused over the statement that a new motorcycle is under construction in Sydney, and 'will be placed upon the market shortly. It will be known as the "Royal Q.," and already New South Wales motorists are giving it a good deal of attention. The machine has been designed by Mr. E. Francis, of the Quirk Lighting and Engineering Company, of Alexandria (Sydney). The engine has many ingenious feature. It is of the horizontal twin opposed cylinders type, with bore and stroke of 87 x 97. A chain transmits the power from the engine to a countershaft three-speed gearbox, the final drive being taken by belt. A metal-to-metal clutch is fitted, being hand operated, and worked by a cam. The spring frame which Mr. Francis is now perfecting will be standardised. Mr. Francis is an expert rider, and has so much confidence in the new local production that he intends to attack the mile record on it.

The West Australian, Sat 20 Feb 1915

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