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Speedwell Motorcycles

Manufactured by Bennett and Wood, Sydney.[1]

A 1904 advertisement reads "Speedwell F.N. Motor-Cycle".[2]

An image from the Victoria Museum shows a motorcycle dated 1911 with "Speedwell" on the tank. Another image of a WWI despatch rider kneeling beside a motorcycle with Speedwell Australia on the tank is dated 1917. Both machines are rebadged FN shaft drive machines from Belgium.

A secondhand 6 h.p. Speedwell-JAP was advertised in October 1917.

1921. Fred Hoad of Tumut, Speedwell and Abingdon motor-cycles.

Later, in the 1930s and 40s, the firm built Acme motorcycles.

1. Manufacture is incorrectly attributed on some sites to Bennett & Barkell. The name Speedwell was in use by Bennett and Wood on their bicycles since the days of the penny-farthing.
2. Trove NLA


is a machine that fulfils every possible requirement for the motorist who considers enjoyment to be the great desideratum. He looks for reasonable, comfortable, but not excessive speed; he wants power for hill-climbing; he expects a fair absence of vibration, even running, constructional strength, low petrol consumption, and reliability.

Every point is embraced in the Two-speed Speedwell, and we guarantee that the motor-cyclist will endorse this statement, and find that we have in no manner exaggerated the sweet-running and satisfaction-giving qualities of this standard Motor-bike.

Price comes last, as it should, for it means less than nothing if it is not accompanied by quality. Still, the price is remarkable for such a machine, and points to a very large turnover, which enables us to accept SIXTY-FIVE POUNDS, Cash,
or £70 on easy terms. We shall be pleased to make you a liberal allowance for your old machine. BENNETT AND WOOD, LTD.,

Trove NLA: The Sydney Morning Herald, Sat 22 Apr 1911.

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