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Wed Mar 11 2015
iv.nosikov2015 at yandex.ru.putin
sell germany motocycle ardie
ardie ardie werk
sell ardie werk
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Sat May 24 2014
monworm AT clear.net.nz
any information drawrings manual
Ardie 1951 B251
I Have just brought a Ardie B251 and have no infomation on it and would like to know if there is a manaul for it or you could put me on to someone who would know about them.Spark plug number would be a great advantage as no bike shop has heard of a Ardie
New Zealand

Thu Feb 13 2014
Ardie motorcycle
I am looking for exhaust to my ardie B 252 S from 1954 there are 2 exhaust on the bike

Mon Oct 22 2012
I nead parts ARDIE RZ 200 rz200
I locking for parts to Ardie rz200

Sat Jul 07 2012
Ardie VF125
I am looking for some parts for the Ardie VF125 we are restoring for a customer, any help appreciated.

Sun Jan 30 2011
swlady<at>teliad o t c o m<
Exploded view
Ardie 1951, 250cc
I have a male friend here in Sweden who is searching for a exploded view of the engine to an Ardie motorcycle from 1951, 250cc.
Regards Kicki
Try this page for books & manuals (& diagrams)

Fri May 14 2010
jurisicm87<at>gmajld o t c o m<
ardie rbu 605
posedujem motor rbu 605 broj rama 110062 na motoru c53 motor nije kompletan dali posedujete fotografiju tog modela baja srbija

Sat Feb 06 2010
horaciotrindade at yahoo.com.br
Please i need your help for a patrts that I need to a ARDIE B252

Fri Jan 15 2010
slika at interia.pl
ardie RBU 356
pleas send me all obout this bicke, bitte helfen sie mir mit restaurirung motorads brauche bilder teile liste alles, ich hab nur dem motorad

Sun Oct 04 2009
dave at eugenebusinessd o t c o m<
Ardie Motorcycles
Ardie 500 CC
Dear Folks,
I bought and drove an Ardie 500CC (at least I was told that's what it was) in Stockholm Sweden in 1964 at the age of 16 years old. It was my first bike so I will never forget my experience of driving it, but I never knew much about it. I drove it from Stockholm through Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and into Germany before I couldn't stand it's problems (bad kickstart, clutch, drive chain, etc)anymore. I ended up selling it to another American (who was 14 yrs old)who drove it away intending to go back to Sweden with it. I never knew anything else about it and was wondering if there was any info available. I later realized I probably should have died many times from the things I did learning to drive it, but it ended up making me a lifelong motorcycle rider. If I could get a picture/description of the bike it would mean a lot to me-David Seber
Eugene, Oregon USA

Mon Aug 10 2009
Would you interested in this motorcycle?

Motorcycle ARDIE SS31 Silberpfeil
Built in Nuremberg, Germany (from 1931 to 1933).
Engine JAP, OHC, four-cycle, 1 cylinder.
cc - 490 ccm<
engine power - 18 hp
3900 rpm<
The motorcycle is on the run. It needs cosmetic repairs.
Motorcycle is in Armenia, Yerevan.

Sun Feb 01 2009
freiosefreios a t ig.com.br
peças para ardie
ardie b250 ano 1951
tenho uma ardie b250 ano1951 e estou precisando de algumas peças tais como selim(banco),borrachas, velocimetro


Mon Nov 10 2008
thehiggs a t batelnet.bs

1952 ARDIE B251
Can you please give me any info on where I can get parts and manuals on this bike

Try this page for books & manuals

Mon Apr 07 2008
wace a t videotron.ca
technical information ardie 343 cm 1938
i have this model and i d like to know where i can find motoparts and technical information
montreal canada

Wed Dec 19 2007
info a t travermotox.ee
ARDIE 250 MAJOR 1939
Hello !
Ium writing from Estland and want to find out about Ardie RBZ 250 Major. How many pieces this model made from?
You have some picture from original Major? I have Ardie RBZ-250 Major frame nr.152826. and i want to now some intresting information about my Ardie.

Best Regards.

Mon Apr 02 2007
scartabellinicolas At hotmail.com.ar [bounced]
ardie rz 200
hola, quisiera conseguir el manual tecnico,ya que poseeo una para restaurar. gracias

Mon Nov 20 2006
s.gutmann At gmx.de
Ardie Silberpfeil and other 500+ ccm model wanted, any condition, also fragments, parts.
Please send your offer and pictures to s.gutmann At gmx.de
Best regards
S. Gutmann
Stuttgart, Germany

Sun Oct 01 2006
hakan.ekstrom At lhandelshus.se
Ardie NE 125 1949
Hello Ardie frends.
Just got hold on a Ardie NE 125 from 1949. Its in very got shape and runs very well. Is there someone that can give me a hint of the value of this nice bike ?

Mon Dec 12 2005
yannickd1 At tiscali.fr
Good day I am French, and I just bought a pool of broadcasting corporations IE motorcycle 125 RBZ. I am the fourth owner of this motorcycle. It has a history. The first owner stole this motorcycle, which was hung on a German tank during the Second World War. However during their use it was changed with French pieces of motorcycle. I have several things to ask you: Can identify the motorcycle to you as well 125 RBZ? (I it transmissions of the photos of my motorcycle). Is what the 125 RBZ in a military version exists? Do you have the technical description of this motorcycle, so that I can take it apart, in order to clean it? Do they have photos of 125 RBZ? Have you an address, or I can buy the pieces for the 125 RBZ I would like this motorcycle as on its origin to shift, and for necessary I your assistance and your knowledge. In advance thank you for your assistance and long life for your club. Yannick

A good place to research further information would be the Ardie section of Bikelinks

Thu Dec 01 2005
scott.carroll At cox.net
1928 Ardie
The 1928 Ardie that you have a picture of (Ardie-1928.jpg) was the bike I owned in 1976. It is actually a 1929 TM500 Jubilee model.

Best regards,
Scott Carroll

[Have updated image details. Ed]

Wed Nov 16 2005
mccraw14 At mchsid o t c o m<
ardie RBZ250
I am looking for info on rebuilding clutches

December 10, 2001
I was stationed in Schweinfurt during the years 1974 - 1976 at the old army airfield, (Conn Barracks?). I bought an 1928 Ardie with a 500cc JAP engine for DM500, from a motorcycle collector in downtown Schweinfurt. The bike was in a basket and several boxes when I got it, (some assembly required!). I put it together and rode it for the best part of a year before the engine seized. If anyone is interested, I still have some old pictures of it in a box in the attic, I could probably scan and email. my home email address is scott.jane at homed o t c o m Bst rgds,

December 11, 2001
Here are some Photos that you might find interesting. The Ardie leaked oil so bad you would have thought it designed by the British! The photo with the Polizei was at a gas station on the autobahn. you can see the head lamp of the Ardie in the foreground. The Polizei kept telling me that the bike belonged in a museum not on the autobahn. I have also included a shot of a 250 MZ trophy sport that I owned and rode while in Germany. I don't know what year it was. Bst rgds, -- Scott...

June 16, 2001
Contact the German "Ardie ig" an organization with 200 members and owners of many Ardie motorcycles.
ardie-ig at gmx.de
dieter.schmidt.dinkelsbuehl at t-online.de

June 8, 2001
My name is Jan - Ove Fahlgren and I'm living in the north of Sweden. I'm a owner of a Ardie 251b 51 ...
See German Motorcycle Forum

May 14, 2001
Hi, my grandfather used to race this bike before WW2. His name was Conrad Thumshirn, he was from Nurenburg Germany. He drove Motorcycles during the war, delivery messages to the front lines. He was lost somewhere around the russian front. He also had a brother that raced the Ardie bikes.
If you have any info on either brother I would appreciate any news.
Thank you -- Eddie Buehler -- jjjbuehler at msnd o t c o m

February 18, 2001
RE: Ardie RZ 200 "Peter"
Hello! My name is Slavko Ho?evar and I' m from Slovenia....
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April 21, 2000
Hi Folks,
More about Ardie and other German motorcycles at: DONAU-RING 2000, classic-globus.de
Schoppmeyer at aold o t c o m

March 8, 2000
My name is Linda and a own an ARDIE motorcycle. It is an 350cc....
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February 9, 2000
I owned a Ardie when I was stationed in Berlin in 1963-64...
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1947 125 cc 2 stroke Ardie
Hi, would like some info on this bike if it is out there...
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January 24, 1999
Have a BZ350 55mod in excellent condition. I have pictures...
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