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Founded by Maria Aspesi whose father was a Viberti dealer in Gallarate, Moto Aspes built quite successful sports bikes and offroad racers from 1967 to 1982. Most of their motorcycles were powered by 125cc single-cylinder piston-port two stroke engines. In the 1970's they built some of the fastest bikes available, powered by Minarelli and Sachs engines.

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2014trent at
Have inherited a 125cc aspies engine looking for someone that would be interested in it
United States
jay at
crc125 1977
Hi im looking for some aspes crc125 1977 parts can any one help

Tue Nov 26 2013
aspes 125 crc 1978
je recherche de la documentation et un cite de pieces detachee tout particuliairement un piston pour la restoration de ma 125 crc aspes de 1978 merci

Sat Oct 26 2013
aspes juma
anybody got one in UK?
devon uk

Tue Jul 03 2012
manual and parts
Aspes 1977
looking for manual, and where to get throttle, speedometer and odometer cables/parts for 50cc pedal start 1977 Aspes moped.
Michigan USA

Fri Mar 02 2012
Service manual
Aspes Yuma
I am looking for a service manual for the engine of my Aspes Yuma racer.
any help is welcome

Wed Jul 28 2010
aspes hopi crc 125
Hi iam trying to source parts for my aspes hopi crc 125 1976/77.

Tue Nov 10 2009
svircevici at
aspes piston
aspes 125 juma
hello in france we change aspes piston with suzuki RM 125 from 1977 1978 1979

Mon Nov 02 2009
malpica at f2s dot com
125cc piston
aspes hopi (1980)
hi, can anyone tell me where i can obtain a piston for my aspes hopi 1980, the make is asso, thanks.

Fri Oct 30 2009
lucy.peaster at
Moto Cross Bike
Aspes cr125 hopi 1979
Do you have front and back mud guards, front number plate and side number panels for this bike as I am attempting to restore

Tue Aug 04 2009
gsmith2 at wowway dot com
Want to buy Aspes Moped
Aspes 1977
Looking for 1977-78 Aspes Moped
Michigan- USA

Fri Nov 21 2008
heurlin.thierry at
old pub
aspes 125
for you

Tue Sep 23 2008
garcia.christian at
Je possède une 125 ASPES RGC,je ne connais pas l'année mais le moteur est le même que la photo. Pouvez vous me dire si je peux commander un piston neuf ainsi qu' un filtre à air.
Mon piston actuel mesure 54 mm, je dois réaléser à la taille au dessus.
Connaissez-vous les cotes de réalésages.
Existe-t-il une revue technique?
Merci d'avance.

Wed Feb 06 2008
labadubba at
ASPES HOPI 125 Collection for sale
1980-1981 HOPI 125
Dear Sir and Madam,

I want to let you know that I have here in Germany a collection of ASPES HOPI 125 Bikes made in 1980/1981 for sale.

I sell the collection only as a complete packet.

Requests for single bikes or parts make no sense but if someone is interested in everything he can contact me.

More information you find on my websites. 404

My normal Website about Enduro: 404

Tue May 08 2007
jnfboag at
Hi Rob i was at classic dirt (broadford) saw some one with an ASPES and some fairing molds! was this you, i want a fairing and seat for my bike. hoping you can help. JOHN BOAG.

Wed Feb 07 2007
masons at
wanted bike & info
looking for an ASPES YAK T125 any condition considdered had one in my youth. email me
United Kingdom
Images available at . Ed. (404)

Tue Nov 28 2006
andy-billi06 at
aspes navaho
im looking to restore my 1976 navaho looking for manual pictures and part availbility

Sun Oct 29 2006
labadubba at
HOPI 125 RGCR - CRC 1980/81
Find bikes and Pictures at

Kind regards

Klaus W. Ebel
(Germany) Heilbronn

Sun Mar 26 2006
leonladiesmanphelps2000 at yahoo dot com
Aspes Scooter
Aspes Moped (with Minarelli engine)
I am trying to troubleshoot the ignition of a 1977 Aspes moped. I have plenty of compression, and no spark for combustion. I would like to remove the flywheel and look at the ignition, but can not seem to get the 14mm socket to fit in the flywheel to remove the nut. I am also looking for a wiring diagram. I have removed the shut off switch, si I know this is not a problem. Thanks.
Phila, Pa

Fri Dec 02 2005
bjo at bjo250 dot com
Aspes Navaho
My bike has a Puch engine. Is this correct? Also was this bike made for the road or track (cross?)

Tue Oct 04 2005
rv8637 at aol dot com
aspes motor bike
I acquired two aspes motor bikes they have pedals on them. I am looking for any and all information on them. They look like you pedal to start them, I am not sure , would like any help. Email me with aspes in the subject box please. Thank you , Rob

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