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Italvelo Mopeds

Best known as a bicycle manufacturer, Italvelo built mopeds for Aspes, Bianchi, Snark and Velomec, as well as their own Italvelo-branded step-thru mopeds.

The Bianchi Eagle 30 was built by Italvelo, as was the Snark Eagle of 1977.

Italvelo components included Moto-Morini engines with typically a Dellorto SHA 14/12 carburetor, Grimeca hubs and brakes, CEV lights and switches, PV controls, and Huret speedometer.

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Mar 3rd 2021
crkjntmk at
Italvelo 1977
Tire, from what I see there 20x2.25. I can't seem to fine tires. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Charles Knotts
United States

Sat Nov 13 2010

yogi12<at>hotmail dot com
italvelo moped
what would be a good price for a 1977 italvelo in good & running shape to sale it

Fri Apr 17 2009
t.hopkins29 at yahoo dot com
1977 Italvelo moped mo1
what other oil can i use beside SAE 20 W in my moped

Sun Oct 28 2007
k3219742 at msn dot com
ref . manual
oct 1977
need info on italvelo man oct 1977 2 stroke ,20- 1 mix. moped.
 thank you

its a 1977 italvelo moped,it has a motori morini franco motor,and a dellorto sha 14 24 carb.thats all the info i have on it so far. but in process of gathering more as i dig more.
thank you
ken kirkland

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