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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by Etablissements Michel Humblot
40 Bd Félix-Faure
Chatillon-sous-Bagneux (Seine) ¹

From the early 1950s until 1969 Paloma built stylish machines with engines of 49cc to 123cc using two-stroke engines from Lavalette and Rene Gillet. In 1960 they offered Vesuvio, Strada, and Super-Flash models equipped with Franco Morini engines.

Other models:

    Spécial Johnny Hallyday
    410S 1972-73
    510 1972-73
    P.500 SS c1955 49cc Lavalette two-stroke
    P.708 1954 Lavalette
    P.1250 1954 125cc

Paloma Scooters

Early in 1954 Humblot Ets revealed the first version of their new scooter, the P.708 powered by a 3-speed Lavalette. The P.1250 appeared later that year at the Paris Salon with a 125cc engine.

Another scooter was introduced at the 1962 Salon, the 48cc Paloma Vispetta.

The marque was acquired by Cazenave in 1964, and the Paloma was produced at their factory in Belin.

There is quite a good history of Paloma, including information on the 1972 revival attempt, at the National Autocycle and Cyclemotor Club

1. Elsewhere Paloma is described as "the Saint-Ouen company", which is on the other side of Paris. The Narcisse, also owned by Humblot, was based there.

Sources:, Amis Terriens, et al.

suejessett27 a t
1960 Altair
Can you tell me where you can get spare parts for a 1960 Paloma Altair please?
SUE Jessett
United Kingdom

sjgando at
Paloma circa 1962
I found this paloma in a shed and would like to partially restore it. Are you able to tell me year it is from and maybe its value? I do have the original motor and other parts for it. On it said Paloma Type P Series 9126
Simon Gandossi

mcdonnell.john at
Lavalette Paloma DASL 1959
Hi, do you supply springs for the centrifugal clutch?
United Kingdom

This is an information site. We don't sell anything. Ed.

zzrtroy at
Please can you tell me where I can get any spares, in particulra need some points for a AML50 Lavalette engine, 504354

danieljahern at
49cc fitted to Paloma Pal moped, C.1964
Restoring Paloma Pal moped, require parts for Lavellette engine fitted to same
Daniel Ahern

danieljahern at
Paloma moped 49cc C,1964
Presently restoring a Paloma moped 49cc, 1960s model, and was wondering if there is a manual/handbook available and also if parts are available
Daniel Ahern
Cork, Ireland

    Have no info on parts sources. Try this page for manuals

Sat, 30 Dec 2017
sebrown67 at<
Paloma Lavalette 50

Hello there I'm looking for a air filter for my Paloma moped its got a Lavalette 49 cc engine with a gurtner d12 carburettor 508 the part numbers that I got out of the maintenance manual are 6285 for metal air filter and 6221 for the seal ring can supply photos of the carb if needed hope you can help thanks Shaun
Shaun brown
Plymouth United Kingdom

Tue, 07 Nov 2017
stevesmith1953 at
paloma 1959 50cc with a lavalette aml 50/2 engine

No spark need the the puller/extractor part number.EF 68 F 2 D price and delivery please. Thanks.
charlies motorcycles
Bristol United Kingdom

    Sorry, we don't sell parts or tools.

Mon, 25 Sep 2017
darcy at<
Paloma Ser No 169520 49cc

Are you able to tell me the year of manufacture of a:- Paloma Moped 49cc S/N 169520' Reg 164 AUU Lavalette Engine AML 50/2 S/N 513449. Earliest tax disc I have is 1960
Richasrd D'Arcy
Wincanton Somerset United Kingdom

    Have very little Paloma serial number information at present. Hopefully one of our readers can help.

Mon Mar 19 2012
bandeak<at>gmail dot com

paloma pal
Where can I buy one had on e in the'60s

Sat Dec 31 2011
paloma dasl
hi,do you no of any parts avalible? cheers

Thu May 13 2010
sandra.garry<at>gmail dot com
Looking for piston rings
Paloma Moped 49cc AML "50"/2 FR
Hello there,
I would be most grateful for your help with my enquiry. I live in Ireland and would appreciate any advice you can give me in relation to the availablity of parts for the Paloma AML "50"/2 FR. Please see attachment for diagram and details of request.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Frank Garry
Navan, Co Meath, Ireland

Wed Dec 30 2009
derbifenix at hotmail dot com
paloma p500
hola que tal.hace 2 años me compre un ciclomotor..he descubierto que es una paloma p500 alguien me puede dar informacion de este ciclomotor no tiene en españa islas canarias (tenerife) gracias...

Fri Apr 11 2008
robert.warry at ntlworld dot com
Paloma Lavalette "depose"
Can anyone tell me where I can get spares for this bike !!!
Portsmouth England

Fri Mar 14 2008
B5B6B7B8 at hotmail dot com
paloma moped
I am trying to for a Paloma moped. I don't know the model it just says Paloma. The motor has GYROMAT MORINI F. on it though. Any iformation would be awsome.
Sam Russo

Wed Jun 21 2006
vince.sharkey at
Spare parts
Paloma 49cc cycle 1950s
Can anyone find parts for this model?
Burton on trent, UK

Wed Sep 28 2005
coles42sj at aol dot com
paloma moped 1965
i am looking for spare parts ( piston rings ) and others

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