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Unimoto Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1980-1988

Based in Longiano (Forlì), the company was established in 1980, formed from the remnants of Moto Milani. Production of Milani-based 50cc machines resumed in 1981, with refinements including disc brakes using Grimeca calipers.

The following year they acquired Moto Aspes and expanded its range with additional 125cc models, both road and off-road. The GP Shark model was powered by an engine capable of delivering 22.5 hp at 7800 rpm.

1985 saw the introduction of a new range of off-road models including the TK 125 with Tau engine, and the 50cc MTS Fox 50. However, the small company was unable to compete with its larger rivals and the customer base, mostly 16-year-olds, looked elsewhere. By 1986 the firm was in crisis, and production came to a halt. Assets were sold - the Aspi brand some time later to Menzaghi Motors of Varese who used the name on imported products.

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